BHM -> Batch 2014

BHM -> Batch 2015

MBA(HM) ->Batch 2016->Dissertation

MBA(HM) ->Batch 2016->Group Project

MBA(HM) ->Batch 2016->Group Project

National Journal of Jyoti Research Academy, ‘Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Hospitality Sector: A Case-Study on Staff Turnover and Motivation with Special Reference to IBIS Hotel, London’

Dey Rajkumar, Jamgade Sweety and Bilan Sahidi

Growth Prospects and Crisis Management in MICE Industry: Case Study of Thrissur, Kerala  -Abhijith Santhosh and Sweety Jamgade

Scope of MICE Tourism as an Emerging Hospitality Industry - Sweety Jamgade

India Ecotourism Leads to Community Economic Development -- Sweety Jamgade

Customer Brand Engagement on Social Media Platforms in the Hospitality Industry Sivaramakrishna V. , Ankita Sharma. and *Sweety Jamgade.

ISSN 0974-0317  •Research Article on ‘Critique on Real Ecotourism Development with reference to Nagpur District’ in Research Journal Vol.12, No.2, 2016 printed/published on May2017

Ms. Pratisha Baruah and Ms. Sandhya Anilkumar presented a paper at an International Conference on Innovations in Municipal Solid Waste Management  and Best Practices for circular Economy and Sustainable Environment. The paper was titled ‘Sustainability in Waste Management – A Comparative Study on Urban Vs. Rural Hotels’ which was published in Clean India Journal

  1. Name of the Event: One Day State Level Workshop on Intellectual Property and Sports

Date and Time: 27th April 2019 9:00am to 5:00pm

Description of the Event: Ms.Vineeta kumari and Mr. Shyam Prasad, Asst. Professor from FHMCT attended one day State level Workshop on Intellectual Property and Sports Organized by Ramaiah Intellectual Property Rights Cell(RIPRC) and Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) in association with Ramaiah Collage of Law and Cell for IPR Promotion and Management(CIPAM).

The following topics were covered in the workshop:

1. Intellectual property rights and sports industry: An Overview

2. Technological Innovations in Sports Arena

3. Trademark in sports

4. Copyright in sports

Name of the Research Centre Nutraceutical and Nutrition Research Centre (NNRC)
Address of the Research Centre Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, Gnanagangothri Campus, M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences
Mission of the Research Centre We are committed to pursue research and development activities on nutraceuticals to reduce malnourishment and promotion of general health for all age groups using local crops and herbs
Research Goals of the Centre
• To explore and investigate the health benefits in local crops and herbs for incorporation in Functional Foods
• To pursue research on nanotechnological intervention for the development of fortified and enriched organoleptically acceptable food and beverage products with immune boosting, prophylactic and therepeutic benefits
• To develop polyherbal or multi-nutrient supplements for different age groups
• To create awareness on the use of Neutraceuticals in the reduction of malnourishment and promotion of general health for all age groups
• To transfer technologies developed for commercialization and entrepreneurship
• To dessiminate knowledge on concepts and emerging practices of fortified food and healthy menus
Head of the Research Centre Name with Qualification Mrs. Priya Arjun, DHMCT Assoc. Professor and Head,
Dept. of Food and Beverage Service, FHMCT
Email ID:
Mobile No.: +91 - 99025 57031
Research Groups Fortified Food Healthy Menus Technologies for Neutraceuticals
Research Topics 1. Development of Desserts made with Annona Muricata and its Chemotherapeutic Potential
2. Study of Garlic as a Medicine or Food
3. Development of Millet Products Fortified with Iron
4. Development of Jellies using whey Fortified with Fruit Pulp and Herbal Extracts
5. Development of Products that could Increase the Availabilty of Vit B12 and Vit D3
6. Development of Food Products Fortified with Calcium
7. Development of Products that Provide Nutrients in the Natural form to People who are Malnourished due to Lifestyle Constraints 8. Development of Products that Enhance the Metabolic Activities of the Body
1. Development of Menus for Pediatric Dentistry 1. Nanotechno- logical Approaches for Nutraceuticals
Research Faculty 1. Prof. Abby Mathew, DHMCT, MA, PDTT, CHE 2. Dr. Kavitha P., Ph.D.
3. Ms. Priya Arjun, DHMCT, M.Sc.
4. Mr. Rajesh S., BSc., MTM, M.Phil.
5. Mr. Sreekanth N., BHM, MBA
6. Ms. Nagarekha C. Palli, BHM, MBA
7. Mr. Sridhar Krishan, M.Sc HM, BHM
8. Mr. Shyam Prasad, BHM, M
9. Mr. Santana Krishnan, MA, MBA
10. Ms. Shashi Binani, B.A., B.Sc. MBA
11. Mr. Manish Kumar Khorwal, B.Sc., M.Sc.
12. Mr. T. Raghavendra, M.Sc.
1. Ms. Shirin Kariappa, M.Sc.
2. Mr. Shashi Sharma, MBA, CFN
1. Dr. B. V. Basavaraj, M.Pharm., Ph.D.
2. Dr. Kavitha P., Ph.D.
3. Dr. P. Parasuraman, M.Pharm., Ph.D.
4. Mr. Pudi Chiranjeevi, Pharm. D.
5. Mr. Mudigubba Manoj Kumar, Pharm. D.
6. Mr. Minnikanti Venkata Satya Sai, Pharm. D.
7. Ms. Sathyashree H. S., M. Tech.
Research Facilities Available 1. Food and Beverage Production Teaching Laboratories
2. Ovens
3. Refrigerator
1. Food and Beverage Production Teaching Laboratories
2. Ovens
3. Refrigerator
1. Freeze Dryer
2. Probe Sonicator
3. Rotary Evaporator

Research Facilities
Being Created 1. Dedicated Neutraceutical Research Lab
2. Juicer
3. Table Top Dough Mixer
4. Freezer Cabinet
5. Membrane Filter
6. Autoclave
1. Dedicated Neutraceutical Research Lab
2. Juicer
3. Table Top Dough Mixer
4. Freezer Cabinet
5. Membrane Filter
6. Autoclave
1. Spray Dryer
2. Particle Size Analyzer, Zeta Sizer
3. Extruder and Spheronizer
4. Establishment of Wet Lab (Invitrocell Based Assays for Ascertaining Biological Activity )
Journals Available 1. Journal of Functional Foods
2. Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods
1. Journal of Functional Foods
2. Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods
1. Nutraceuticals
2. Inventi Impact
Research Journals for Publication (PUBMED, SCOPUS and WoS) 1. Journal of Functional Foods ISSN: 17564646
2. International Food Research Journal ISSN 19854668
3. Journal of Food and Nutrition Research ISSN 1336-8672
4. Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods ISSN : 1089-4179.
5. Food and Nutrition Research, ISSN: 1654-6628
1. Journal of Functional Foods ISSN: 17564646
2. International Food Research Journal ISSN 19854668
3. Journal of Food and Nutrition Research ISSN 1336-8672
4. Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods ISSN : 1089-4179.
5. Food and Nutrition Research, ISSN: 1654-6628
1. International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition ISSN 0963-7486
2. Nutra Foods ISSN 1827-8590

Master's Dissertation -

Ph.D. Thesis -

The 13th meeting of NNRC, RUAS was held on 14th May 2019, chaired by Dr. V Prakash. The primary focus of the research committee meeting was to plan out the RUAS National Conference on Role of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals in Health and Wellness-2019 to be held from 6th to 8th November 2019. Smart Food Culinary Challenge

Traditional wisdom recognised the benefits of India’s plethora of indigenous crops, yet the world is searching for gen-next superfoods and healthy natural alternatives. Karnataka is also on this quest and is at the forefront of promoting healthier and sustainable food choices like organic and millet foods.

As part of ‘‘Organics & Millets 2019- International Trade Fair’ scheduled from 18th to 20th January 2019, Karnataka State Department of Agriculture (KSDA), Government of Karnataka(GoK) in association with the Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) and International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is organising a ‘Smart Food Culinary Challenge’ for Young Chefs on 5th December 2018 at Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, RUAS. 

25 teams from Hotel Management Institutes from across India will be participating in the challenge. Each team will be presenting a 3-course meal, with each dish incorporating at least 50% of millets. The 3-course meal will be judged by a panel of eminent jury members on parameters such as suitability of the dishes chosen, use of millets, ingredients used, accompaniments, portion size, garnish, presentation style, degree of complexity, hygiene, time management, taste, wastage and overall style. 

The top The top six teams will have the opportunity to compete at the Final Round that will be held from 18th  to 20th  January 2019 at Organics and Millets 2019 - International Trade Fair held at Palace Grounds , Bengaluru.

The Culinary Symposium on Millets

Karnataka is at the forefront of promoting healthier and sustainable food choices like organic and millet foods. In further pursuit of this, the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka is organising the ‘Organics & Millets 2019- International Trade Fair’ at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, from Jan 18-20, 2019. The International Trade Fair and conference will focus on opportunities in the millets and organic segments.

As a pre-event to the International Trade Fair(18th  to 20th Jan 2019), the Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre (NNRC), Ramaiah University of Applied  Sciences (RUAS) in collaboration with The Department of Agriculture, GOK is organising ‘The Culinary Symposium on Millets’  on the 7th December  2018 at 1.00 PM  at the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. Lunch will be followed by a discussion between the Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Shri Shivashankar Reddy and the Professional Chef Delegates on working together towards the promotion of millets in the culinary arena. 

Watch the promo:  

Reality show for a cause

Smart Food Culinary Challenge is the first-ever reality competition in India for Young Chefs to cook Smart Food – Food that is Good for You, the Planet and the Farmer.

The Smart Food Culinary Challenge was launched with 58 student chefs from 16 culinary institutes across India ranging from first-year graduates to postgraduates. They were competing to be the finalists to play-off for the grand finale and judged by celebrity chefs.

The grand finale will be a live show on Saturday 19th January 2019 as part of Organics and Millets International Fair- 2019, food court hall, Bengaluru palace grounds.

The competition is being videoed as a ‘reality show for a cause’ and this 5-part documentary reality series will be available for public under creative commons public domain dedication (youtube) to create awareness about millets.

Please watch another insight:

The live show finalists from top culinary institutes, including Institute of Hotel Management and Indian Institute of Hotel Management, will prepare innovative millet dishes live on stage. The trade fair is expected to have a walk-in of over 100,000 people including traders, visitors and farmers. This show is expected to receive over 30,000 walk-in public visitors and is expected to be covered by both state as well as national media.

The reality documentary series will be promoted through digital as well as social media and pitched for an exclusive show to TV channels.


This documentary will be a part of both national and international endeavor to bring awareness around the need for Smart Food (ie good for you, the planet and the farmer) and change the image specifically of millets especially with the younger generation and promote cooking and consuming millets.

In India, this is part of the final efforts of the Government of India for their National Year of Millets and build up to the UN International Year of Millets. It also contributes to Doubling Farmer Income and the Nutrition Mission; as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Background on Smart Food and other partners

The Smart Food Culinary Challenge are organized through a partnership among:

The Smart Food movement is founded by:

and undertaken in India with collaborations from the Government of India:

We invite partners who want to make a positive difference and be associated in this endeavor to promote a more sustainable food system, engage farmers, consumers and the new generation for food that is:

19th World Congress for Food Science and Technology

Mumbai, India

October 23 – 27, 2018

Five event full days, one platform for academicians, researchers, professionals, policy makers, food scientists and industries fraternities. They all had one thing in common, that how to bring advancements in understanding our food in terms of safety and well-being, regulations, security, food processing innovations, uniqueness in food products, hygienic design and engineering, food science & technology, safe markets, consumer preferences and latest technological developments in every sector.

IUFoST 2018 provided a huge platform to go with theme "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025, with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods".  The theme has brought together top leaders in the food fraternity, policy makers & regulators, venture capitalists, private investors and financial advisors, strategists and business managers, analysts and technologists, researchers and academicians, press on one stage to work together to achieve the goal.

The day 1 October 23, 2018 started with registration of delegates, followed by four parallel and informative a day long workshops. We from FHMCT, RUAS had an opportunity to attend these workshops. I had an opportunity to attend a workshop on “Exploiting Internet Potential for Professional Development in Food Science and Technology by Daryl Lund, Don Mercer & Team”.

Though the workshop was intended for ‘enhancing education and knowledge transfer though e–learning in Food Science and Technology (FST) only’, I tried to understand that how the information available on internet is misinterpreted. Are we really understanding the author’s perspective, language and message via e–learning? The most important point mentioned by Dr. Don Mercer (University of Guelph Food Science Department, Ontario Canada) that non–scientific language has better and positive impact on audience.

Day 2 was packed with inauguration session, plenary talks and distinguished lectures. IUFoST 2018 was inaugurate by Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union Minister of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.  Followed by talks, lectures and exhibition.

Event and action packed Day 3 and 4 started with scientific & poster sessions, presentations by young scientists, competitions, business conclave and exhibition.

NNRC, RUAS has presented 5 posters on their ongoing research and review articles.

Few competitions like “IUFoST Food Science Students Fighting Hunger: A global student new product development competition, IUFoST Young Scientist Awards Competitions, IUFoST Food Safety without Borders Graduate Student Paper Competition, IUFoST Rose Spiess Award for a Sustainable Food Supply” were also organized.

Day 5 was lighter and much more relaxing than previous 4 days. As Valedictory & Award Presentations, Exhibition - Food Expo, Gala Dinner and Socio-Cultural events, B2B interactions, Students and Faculty meeting Industries events were in schedule.

IUFoST 2018 has bought researchers, academicians, professionals, policy makers and industry global leaders to showcase innovation, exchange breakthrough ideas and drive policy issues together to go with theme.

IUFost 2018 had more than 350 Speakers, 66 scientific and industry sessions delivering thought-provoking ideas and Oral Presentations. There were total 815 posters oral abstracts.

The Congress had given a great and many opportunities to learn and share knowledge, enhance professional network to do business in 5 days.