Name of the Event: Seminar

Date and Time: 7th February, 2023, 10 am-12 pm

Description of the Event: A seminar on “Concepts of Project Management’” was organised for the VII Semester (Batch 2019-22) for their Hospitality Research Project course. The resource persons were Mr. Jyothi Shankar, Director DTSLD, RUAS, and Mr. Mayur Sinha, Vice President, Goldman Sachs and Alumnus of FHMCT, RUAS (BHM Batch 1998). They demonstrated to the students the following:

Some key points discussed by Mr. Jyothi Shankar are as follows: –

  1. Meaning of Project Management.
  2. Different types of Projects.
  3. Importance of Project Management.
  4. Concepts of investments in Projects and Indivial Competence Baseline (ICB).
  5. Importance of Project artefacts or documents like Project Charter, Project Budget etc
  6. Qualities of a good Project Manager.
  7. Various Project Management certifications offered by Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

Some key points by Mr. Mayur Sinha are as follows: –

  1. Career advancement in the field of Project Management.
  2. Necessary soft skills to become a good Project Manager.
  3. Various Project Management software like Asana, Trello etc
  4.  Mr. Mayur’s enriching and exciting journey from hotels to an Investment Banking Company (Goldman Sachs).

Name of the Event:  Field Visit

Date and Time:   06.02.23, 10 am to 1.30 pm

Description of the Event:

The faculty and student members of the Professional Housekeepers Association went on a field visit to Shivan Tex Traders a Mattress and Duvet manufacturing Unit. This was located in Bettahalasooru, Bangalore.

The pillows and mattresses are made in one unit. The other unit manufactures duvet, duvet covers, towels etc. There were 93 YUVA members across colleges in Bangalore. FHMCT has few students and 2 Faculty registered in PHA and they were present for the visit. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students and Faculty/ mentors.

The students were delighted to play team building exercise while they were waiting for their chance to visit the unit, as they were divided into 4 groups. Dr Sudhagar conducted activities which saw the participation of all the students. Post coffee break the students went around the unit and then to conclude 2 dance performances were done. It was certainly entertaining. Lunch was provided in  a nearby restaurant and was sponsored by Mr Santosh the founder of Shivani

Tex Tradeers. Yuvas  from Garden City University, Acharya College, T john, Sea college were also part of the field visit.

Name of the Event: National Tourism Day

Date and Time: 25 January, 2023, 6:30 am to 9:00 am

Description of the Event:

This event was organised on the day of National Tourism Day (25th January, 2023) by FHMCT to raise environmental awareness and encourage the use of bicycles as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. This initiative, conducted by FHMCT in partnership with Decathlon and the Ministry of Tourism by Yuva Tourism Club, was a successful event and involved more than 50 participants. It was called Pedal for People and Planet’. A poster competition was also organised. The cycling started from- Maharani Women’s College, Bengaluru and ended at FHMCT, MS Ramaiah.

Some key elements of the event are as follows:-

  1. The celebration followed the mentioned route (Freedom Park- Cubbon Park- Vidhan Soudha- Bangalore Palace- FHMCT)
  2. Participants covered a distance of 15kms on their bicycles in an effort to promote local tourism.
  3. Following the event, refreshments were served and certicifates were handed over to the participants at FHMCT.
  4. The event was covered by Media channels like DD Chandana News.
  5. Medical Emergency Assistance was provided by Ramaiah Memorial Hospital.
  6. A poster competition was conducted on Sustainability of Environment through Green Tourism for the II semester BHM students. Winners were awarded certificates and t-shirt

Name of the Event: National Voters Day

Date and Time: 25 January, 2023, 2 pm

Description of the Event:

As part of the National Voters Day the students of FHMCT were briefed on the importance of the day  and the NVD pledge was read out by the President of the Hospitality Club and all the students repeated after her.

Name of the Event:  Ramiverse – Build the Future

Date and Time:   23rd January 2023;11AM to 1PM; 1.40PM to 3.30PM

Description of the Event:

The workshop on Blockchain Technology in the Hospitality Industry was conducted by Mr. Yogesh Achari and Mr.  Pathanjali Sharma from BrahmGyan. They briefed the students  who have opted for PCE – 2 Food and Beverage Production and Service on the application of block chain industry in the restaurant business. Blockchain technology is decentralised, can prevent manipulation and makes all data transparent. The record of events is shared by many people across a network, which provides additional security benefits, as there is no central point of failure or vulnerability. It can be applied in the hospitality industry to secure payments, for creating IDs  and security, loyalty programs and baggage tracking. In addition to the blockchain technology hospitality trends and uses outlined, The students were informed about how blockchain is associated with 3D metaverse virtual words . This highly interactive session led to a discussion on using blockchain technology to optimise revenue, innovate processes and improve customer experience.

Name of the Event: Inter- club Sports Competition

Date and Time: 22 January, 2023, 210 am

Description of the Event:

RUAS Kabaddi Men’s team bagged Runners-up in Rotaract KREEDOTSAVA Inter Club Sports Tournament held on 22nd January, 2023 at Sri Chandrashekar Azad Ground, Attiguppe, Bangalore.

It makes us proud that Sheshadri Gowda and Nithesh Gowda of batch 2021 form FHMCT were part of the winning team.

Name of the Event: International FDP

Date and Time: 9th – 15th Jan 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 pm

External Speakers:

09-01-2023- Dr. Nissi Paul- Don Bosco University, Assam

10-01-2023- Dr. Paul Newman- Role of Academicians in Promoting Social Inclusion

11-01-2023- Dr. Hemachandran K- Gamification & Student Engagement

12-01-2023- Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra- Role of Academicians in Bridging Industry Academia Gap

13-01-2023- Dr. Ignace Haaz- Ethics in Research and Publication

14-01-2023- Dr. John Methuselah- Post-Covid Challenges in Teaching and Strategies

15-01-2023- Rev. Fr. Dhaveedu Yesudass- Role of Educators in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Faculty Members Attended: Ms. Sandhya Anil Kumar & Ms. Sheeba Samuel- Assistant Professors, House Keeping and Front Office

Description of the Event: An International Faculty Development Programme on Holistic Pedagogy was conducted by Don Bosco College, T C Palya, Bengaluru in collaboration with Globethics. Net India headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland for a week. The program was aimed at improvement in the teaching standards to engage students and different methods that can be used for the development of student-teacher learning. Mr. Mohapatra emphasized teaching content should  be beneficial for students in their careers and which can be practically applied in their work area. Dr. Nissi Paul stressed the importance of proper delegation of PO, PEO, PSO, and CO. Dr. Newman stressed that educational institutions should not be focused only on generating revenue but on providing quality education to students. Dr. Ignace Haaz pondered on doing and publishing quality research work in quality journals and encourage the participants to write research papers under Globethics. Dr. Methuselah discussed the issues faced by educators in the post-covid era where the students have still not come out of the online mode and how it is affecting the learning part. Rev. Fr. Dhaveedu explained the importance of Artificial intelligence and how it is going to dominate the education industry. He also pointed out that AI cannot take the place of teachers.

Name of the Event:  Symposium

Date and Time:   11th January 2023;11AM to 3PM

Description of the Event:

The symposium was chaired byShri Shivayogi C. Kalsad, IAS, Hon’ble Secretary for Agriculture Department, GoK. The dignitaries were Dr. M. R. Jairam- Chairman, Gokula Education Foundation;Shri. M.R. Sreenivasa Murthy, IAS (Retd.) – Chief Executive, Gokula Education Foundation (Medical); Dr. Puthra G.T – Director,of Agriculture Department, GoK ; Shri Mohamed Parvez H. Banthanal – Managing Director, Karnataka State Agricultural Produce Processing & Export Corporation Limited, GoK; Prof. Kuldeep Kumar Raina – Vice Chancellor- Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences ; Shri Venkatramreddy Patil- Additional Director Agriculture, GoK; Shri P.C Rao, President , Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association ; Chef Ramaswamy Selvaraju, Corporate Chef- New Openings and Operations, Taj Group of Hotels and Chef Kasi Viswanathan, Vice President- Karnataka, South India Chef’s Association (SICA)

The UN has declared 2023 as the Year of the Millets and Karnataka State Department of Agriculture, GoK in association with FHMCT organised this symposium as a pre-event to the Millets and Organics – International Trade Fair -2023.  97 participants from various sectors of the food and beverage industry like star hotels, stand-alone restaurants, packaged food industry, microbreweries and bloggers interacted with the dignitaries as well as 15 government officials to discuss the inclusion of millets in their menus. They were offered a unique dining experience of over 50 innovative and traditional millet dishes of different cuisines in a village ambience . The park at FHCMT was transformed into a mini village with ragi fields, tractors carrying harvested ragi spearheads and a mini exhibition of processing of millets. The buffet counters consisted on All Day Thindi , Salads,  Millet Oota(Main Course with accompaniments ) and Sweets

The symposium served to increased awareness on the initiatives already taken by food and beverage operators to introduce millet dishes on menus. The participants explored a variety of dishes of various cuisines incorporating different suitable millets. The participants received information on assistance that they could receive from the government if they want to start new ventures or expand their businesses. It motivated chefs and food business operators to experiment and introduce more millet dishes on their menus

Name of the Event: Campus Placement     

Date and Time: 13th January 2023

Description of the Event:

Accor Group of Hotels visited FHMCT to recruit final year student for their prestigious Inspire Management Training Program. Ms Srishti Gulia, Cluster Director Learning and Development spoke about the career opportunities at Accor Group of hotels. A detailed presentation about the Inspire Program was made to the students.

The students appeared for the online assessment. 8 students were shortlisted and appeared for the next round comprising of a case study presentation. The results will be announced shortly.

Name of the event: PHA Exuberance

Date and time: 8th January, 2023, 9 am to 6 pm


The life members of Karnataka Chapter of PHA, Professional Housekeepers Association met on the 9th January for a full day extravaganza. Ms Vineeta and MS Sandhya Anilkumar, Assistant Professors of FHMCT are life members of this professional association. The members were from various sectors like Academia, Facility Management, Health, Hotels, Chemical manufacturing company etc. The event was co- powered by Oliver Ridley, a chemical company.

There were team building activities to help the team members develop leadership skills.

The creative ability of the teams was explored in the Dress designing competition with bare minimum resources distributed amongst teams.

There was quiz related to the hospitality sector to check the grey matter of the participants. The team to which Ms Sandhya Anilkumar belonged won the first prize.

Ms Vineeta was chosen to be the model to showcase her ideas and her teams on designing an attire for a particular theme with minimum resources. There was also an awesome session on chemicals using demonstrations and presentation. It looked like a magic show, a magician playing with colours. The science of chemicals was demonstrated through experiments.

The new PHA Karnataka Chapter Board members were felicitated and the badges for various board positions were handed over. Ms Sandhya Anilkumar was handed over the badge for the position of VP, L &D for the current year. Fun and food was the best part of the evening. The event was held at Clarks Exotica, Bengaluru.

Name of the Event: Quiz competition

Date and Time: 25th November 2022

Description of the Event:

Quiz competition- Let’s get trivial was held on the 25th of November 2022 in the seminar room. This was an interhouse competition which had 2 teams from each house namely Sirius, Hydra, Pandora and Electra participating. The quiz had 4 rounds which were,

  • Round 1 : General knowledge
  • Round 2 : Cinema
  • Round 3 : Sports
  • Round 4 : Travel & Tourism

After each round 2 teams were eliminated based on points.

The winners of Let’s get trivial were Shreya Sunil Vaidya and Yatharth Raman from house pandora and the runner-ups were Smrithi and Ajith P.V from house Electra. The organizers of this event were Aniruddha Alur and Pritha Pramod Deshmukh.

Name of the Event: Overseas Placement and Internship opportunities

Date and Time: 24th Nov 2022 3:15 pm onward

Description of the Event:

Ashiraj Edu overseas Consultant Pvt Ltd, is visited FHMCT on 24th November to offer placement and internship opportunities for final year and 1st year students. The students were informed about the following -International Placement Services.  

ü International Placement Services

Ø USA       :                        12 months J1 Visa 

Ø Cruise:                            Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival

Ø UAE & Gulf:                  2 Years Work Visa 

Ø Singapore:                      2 Year Work Visa 

Ø France:                           2 Year work visa   

ü International Internship Year 2 Students

    Ø Malaysia- 06 Months Star Hotel Internships

    Ø France- 06 Months Star Hotel Internships

    Ø Mauritius – 06 Months Star Hotel Internships

    Ø New Zealand – 06 Months Star Hotel Internships

    Ø USA – 06 Months Star Hotel Internships

Overseas Education 

Ø USA, Europe, Australia, NZ, UK & Asia.

ü Immigration Services 

Ø Canada PR 

Ø Australia PR 

Ø New Zealand PR 

Ø EB-5 USA Green Card 

Ø Europe PR

Name of the Event: Field Visit

Date and Time: 23rd and 24th November 2022

Description of the Event:

The V semester students of FHMCT, pursuing BHM, were taken on a field visit to the Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru from 23rd Nov to 24th Nov 2022 to study and observe the hotel interior and sustainable practices followed in Four Seasons Hotel. The training manager and his team have given interesting information about the band the brand and mentioned about the sustainable trends followed in the hotel. He also gave the students a guided tour and showed them most of the areas and departments of the Hotel. It was a good exposure for the students.

Total Number of students present- 50 students

Name of the Event:  Eating competition

Date and Time:  Wednesday, 23rd Nov 2022

Description of the Event:

This event was to add a fun element to the knowledge acquired in food production during regular classes. This involved recognising the ingredients through touch, smell, and taste. The students had 10 ingredients to identify while they were blind folded, and the winner was determined by how many ingredients they could identify in the shortest amount of time. This improves in the students’ understanding of the ingredients. Students representing the four houses participated. The students form semesters five and seven participated.

Name of the Event:  Field Trip

Date and Time:  Wednesday, 23rd Nov 2022, Thursday 24th Nov 2022; 11.00AM to 1.00PM

Description of the Event: A Field Trip was organised for Front Office Practical students of V Semester, FHMCT in Four Seasons Hotel & Residence, Bangalore, to familiarize them with the cashiering aspects of Hotel Front Office. The Learning & Development Manager at Four Seasons Hotel & Residence, Mr. Mahesh Anandache, gave them insight on the different processes and activities carried out in the cash section of Front Office. The students observed different cashiering processes like the operation of the safety deposit lockers in the guest rooms, check-in and check-out processes in the PMS Software of the hotel etc. The students were also briefed by Ms. Gargi Guha, Public Relations Head, Four Seasons, about the public relation activities carried out in the hotel. Students found the interactive sessions extremely informative.  The field trip was carried out in two days for two batches

Name of the Event: Seminar

Date and Time: 21 November, 2022, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Description of the Event: A seminar on “Designing a Good Questionnaire for Effective Research” was organised for the VII Semester- Batch 2022 BHM students, as required for their Research Methodology course. The resource person was from RUAS – Dr. Anicar D Manavi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management and Commerce. It was an interesting session for the students. She demonstrated to students the following important elements of questionnaire designing: 1) The different steps of the Research Process. 2) The use of questionnaires in data collection. 3) The characteristics and types of a good questionnaire. 4) The steps involved in designing a good questionnaire.

Name of the Event: Intercollegiate Competition

Date and Time: 08,09,10,11 Nov 2022, 10 am to 1.30 pm

Description of the Event:

BMC college hosted a fest named CobaltSkies 22.And we the Faculty of Hospitality Management participated

In various events conducted. It was conducted on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November.

We participated in events like :

  • Various Quizzes
  • Rap Competition
  • Debate
  • Kannada love letter writing
  • Photography competition
  • Solo dance and Duet dance
  • Hogathon etc

We won the 1st prize for Kannada Love Letter Writing, and all the Other Participants have received Participation Certificates.

It was overall a wonderful experience in Being a Part of the BMC fest and we thank You for giving us the Permission to attend the Fest.

Name of the Event: Intercollegiate Competition

Date and Time: 08,09,10,11 Nov 2022, 10 am to 1.30 pm

Description of the Event:

The Council of Molecular & Computational Biology (CMCB) of St. Joseph’s University organized QRIUZ BEEZ- a fest on Molecular Biology and related sciences on 2nd November 2022 at the University Auditorium. The fest had various events for which the students from the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (FHMCT), Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) had participated. Twelve participants took part in the fest of which two were in the Knockout (Debate) – Anish & John, two in the Face Clinic (Face painting) – Bhanų & Smrithi, three in Short Film- Aniruddha, Stesha & Khushi, four in Treasure Hunt –

Ajith, Rohit, Saloni & Shakti and one for Dance Through – Akshaan. 

All the students returned with a learning experience and an attitude of resilience. 

Name of the Event: Field Visit

Date and Time: 08,09,10,11 Nov 2022, 10 am to 1.30 pm

Description of the Event:

The V semester students of FHMCT, pursuing PDSS- Personality and Soft Skills were taken to old age homes and orphanages to experience empathy, compassion and social skills. 15 students each from batch 2020 visited these places on 4 different days in batches to spend time with the elderly and children.

The students were involved in many activities like interacting with the residents, serving food during lunch, helping with pre-preparation in the kitchen, cleaning areas in the institutions.

The students and Faculty of FHMCT contributed money and supplies like fruits, sanitary napkins, cookies, toiletries, bedsheets, blankets, mosquito repellents etc

Name of the Event: Industry Exposure  

Date and Time: 10 Nov 2022, 1:00 pm onward

Description of the Event:

The Hilton Hotels organised an All Women Event on 10th November honouring eminent women. 10 female students from batch 2022 and 2021 of FHMCT also participated in assisting the hotel staff to organise the event successfully. The efforts of the students were appreciated

Name of the Event: Campus Placement

Date and Time: 9th Nov 2022 9:30 am onward

Description of the Event:

The Taj Group of Hotels invited final-year students of FHMCT of batch 2019 to participate in the Management Training Program. The interview started with the presentation of Taj Hotels. Ms Rashmi Prasad, Director of Learning and Development, Ms Yasmin Paul, Manager, Learning and Development, and Mr Rajasvi Madan, Manager, Learning and Development visited FHMCT to interview the final year batch.

About 40 final-year students appeared for the interview which involved Group Discussion, Personal interviews and technical interviews. Shortlisted students will be appearing for the regional round

Name of the Event: Campus Placement

Date and Time: 10th Nov 2022,  9:30 am onward

Description of the Event:

Dusters Total Solution, a leading Facility Management company invited final year students of FHMCT to participate in the Recruitment drive. The interview started with the presentation of company. Mr Abzal, Human Resource Manager, interviewed the students.

12  final year students of batch 2019 appeared for the interview which involved Personal Interview and technical interview

Value Added Session

Date and Time: 29. 08.2022, 2:30 pm onward

Description of the Event:

The Housekeeping department of FHMCT organised a Value- added session for batch 2022 students to make them understand the concept of Sustainable Practices.

The owners from Happiness Café Koramangla visited FHMCT and interacted with the first year batch 2022regarding various sustainable practices followed by them as entrepreneurs

Mr Lakshman and Ms Vanissa also spoke about their hostel facilities and their contribution towards environmental education. About 70 first year students participated in the session and had a great learning, understanding the essence of sustainability. They were quite inspired by the various measures adopted by the resource persons.

Freshers Day

Date and Time: 27th to 29th August, 2022

Description of the Event:

Freshers Day was conducted for Semester 1, BHM- Batch 2022 at FHMCT on the 27th of August 2022. Events were all planned by the Hospitality Club of FHMCT. About 200 students from batch 2020, 2019 and 2022 participated in the event. Many activities like ice breaker session and many tiny rounds of talent hunt to choose Mr and Ms Fresher 2022 were conducted.

The students from the senior batches entertained the crowd with many performances like solo and group dances, group singing etc. Refreshments were made by the senior batch students and was served to the freshers. A DJ night was organised and students from all batches had an entertaining evening.

The entire event was planned by the Hospitality Club members. Promotion and marketing of the event by selling passes to preparing the budget, setting up the stage and décor- the entire organizing of the event was carefully planned and executed by the team.

Field visit to Food Technology Labs- Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences (FLAHS), MSRUAS

Date and Time: 22-24 August 2022

Description of the Event:

A field visit to the Food Technology Labs- FLAHS of MSRUAS was organized for the VII Semester – Batch 2022 students, as required for their Hospitality Research Project course. This visit was with the purpose to introduce the interdisciplinary approach required for the research projects. During the visit, the students saw the various food technology related equipment like culture incubmachinesair dryers, wine fermenters, milling machine, various packaging machines, a piece of knowledge about the nutrition analyzers, and many more. They got a knowledge about various food-related projects undertaken by the students of FLAHS. The students were divided into three batches to make them understand better.

Field Visit

Date and Time: 22nd August 2022, 10 am to 12.55 pm

Description of the Event: The Professional core elective I, Facility Management students of Batch 2019 were taken for a field visit to the Facility Management department of RUAS (Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences) Bengaluru 560054 to study and observe the management of a facility like a University as part of their curriculum. The Facility Manager MR. M. R. Krishnamurthy took out time and interacted with the six students and gave a thorough insight of the working of the facility management of University and all the Faculties of the Gyan Gangotri Campus off New BEL road . MR. Prakash S. the Assistant Manager (Facilities) gave the students a guided tour and showed them most of the areas and departments of the University house and explained the role of the FM company in maintaining the Facility

Conduction of election for Houses

Date and Time: 22nd August 2022, 10 am to 12.55 pm

Description of the Event:

The Hospitality Club, a club started by the students 4 years ago conducted elections to elect Captains and Vice Captains for four houses named- Hydra, Pandora, Sirius, Electra. A planned process was put in place for the peaceful conduct of elections. The candidature was decided a week before the election date. The candidates were given few dates to campaign and they took complete advantage of the same and went from one class to the next with unique promises for the betterment of the student fraternity.

On the day of the election, election officers were given the responsibility of conducting a democratic way of election, inking the voters finger and allowing them to drop the ballot papers into the ballot box with absolutely no misconduct from a single voter.

The entire process was well executed by the Hospitality Club team headed by Ms Shreya Sunil Vaidya of batch 2019.

The results were tabulated and published a day later. The new set of Captains and Vice Captains promised to help the student community experience a fruitful time at FHMCT.

Independence Day

Date and Time: 20.08.22

Description of the Event:

Few students from FHMCT hoisted the flag in the atrium of the college. They rendered the national anthem too. They came dressed in traditional attire with the tricolour as the theme bridging generations, different societies and ethos of the country

Field visit

Date and Time: 19th August 2022, 10 am to 12.55 pm

Description of the Event:

The Professional core elective- I Facility Management students of Batch 2019 were taken for a field visit to the Spar hyper market in Galleria mall, Yehalanka, Bengaluru to study and observe the Facility management of the hospital premises as part of their curriculum. The HR Manager Ms Rakshitha took out time and interacted with six students and gave a thorough insight of the operations of the facility management of mall. She also gave the students a guided tour and showed them most of the areas and departments of the mall.

It was really a good opportunity to explore the Facility Management operations, which the students weren’t too aware of. It was really good gaining knowledge about the SOPs.

Industrial Visit and Workshop

Date and Time: 12th August 2022

Description of the Event:

The students of the final year batch of 2019, pursuing BHM and  specialising in culinary studies, attended a workshop organised by the placement department of FHMCT. A workshop /Industrial visit was organised on 12th August to Academy of Pastry Arts. Chef Tariq Jacob Rego demonstrated bakery products

The workshop covered advanced techniques of pastry making and cake decoration. The demonstration of marble cake was exceptional. The session was well received by the students, and they came back highly motivated with many tips on taking their talent and skills forward.

Trap Shooting Competition

Date and Time: March and July 2022

Description of the Event:

Very proud to mention that Dhanush Subramani, currently in the V semester at FHMCT is an International level shooter. He participates in a number of competitions all through the year and wins many.

Field visit

Date and Time: 11th August 2022 and 12th August 2022, 10 am to 12.55 pm

Description of the Event:

Six students from batch 2019, pursuing the Professional core elective I, Facility management were taken for a field visit to the Ramaiah Medical teaching Hospital, MSR Nagar, Bengaluru 560054 to study and observe the Facility management of the hospital premises as part of their curriculum. The Nursing superintendent Ms Jayanthi took out time and interacted with the students and gave a thorough insight of the working of the hospital. Then Mr Chethan the Supervisor who is in-charge of the Hospital in-house Laundry and waste management at the hospital gave the students a guided tour and showed them most of the areas and departments of the hospital.

The Hospital receives patients from across the country, including Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar among others.

Independence Day

Date and Time: 11.08.22

Description of the Event:

The Hospitality Club of FHMCT organised the Independence related events on the 11 th August 2022 in the morning at 9.30 am. The entire batch of 2022 participated. They were divided into groups of 8 and named their groups using freedom fighters’ names. They were given a cut – off time until which they could continue making the poster and rangoli.

Themes were given to them and each group had to make a poster and create rangoli patterns based on the theme given to them- India in 2047. There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the groups to compete with each other. The judging panel consisted of Faculty and senior batch students. First and second place winners were chosen and e- certificated were issued to them

WSET Programme

Date and Time:  24-28.05.2022, 9:30 am – 5 pm

Description of the Event:

FHMCT has collaborated with Tulleeho Wine and Spirits Academy to conduct the WSET (Level 2) Award in Spirits. Mr Madhu Rajigani gave the participants knowledge of fundamental production methods and principal raw materials used to make the key spirit styles.  The participants also explored the key practices and principles of serving spirits and the use of spirits in cocktail. They learned the impact of production methods on styles, characteristics of the principal international spirits and liqueurs and how to describe spirits using the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits. The participants also learnt about different kinds of fruit spirits, liqueurs, and classic cocktail recipes and overall operation of a bar in general.

They tasted spirits including different styles of whisky, brandies, pomace liqueur, rum, cognac, tequila, vodka and liqueurs like Cointreau, Triple sec, Absenta and Campari. Finally, they learnt about alcohol safety. A scholarship has been awarded by FHMCT to Chandan N D of Batch 2020. 

Industry Interaction

Date and Time: 25th May 2022, 4 pm to 7 pm

Description of the Event:

The members of PHA, Professional Housekeepers Association were invited to attend a meeting on the 8th May 2022 to plan out the industry academia events that are required to be conducted this year. Emphasis was laid on conducting orientation sessions in Hotel schools by Senior Executive Housekeepers in order to promote career in Housekeeping. Many team building activities too were conducted by Ms Ila, Executive Housekeeper of ITC Windsor. Many industry experts from Facility Management companies too were present. The meeting was held at ITC Windsor, Bangalore. All the Karnataka Chapter members were present. The General Manager of ITC Windsor, Mr Kuldeep Dhawan was the Guest of Honor. Ms Vineeta Kumari and Ms Sandhya Anilkumar, Assistant Professors from FHMCT are life members of this professional association and they participated in the planning process of industry interaction events for the future months.

Inter Faculty Fest

Date and Time: 25.03.22, 9 am onwards

Description of the Event:

The Hospitality Club team of FHMCT planned and organised ANTARA-  Inter- faculty Fest.

Teams from 10 Faculties of RUAS participated in the event.

The Club Heads had organised events like Healty Cooking, Cocktail Pond, Garden in a bowl, Business Management event etc. FDS, FPS, FLAHS, School of Law, FET and others participated in all the competitions. Valedictory was conducted post noon and prizes were given to the winners and runners- up.

Inter house tug of war and matka phod competition was conduted for FHMCT and BVoc students. There were few dance performances in the morning by FHMCT and BVoc students.

The first year students did not miss the opportunity of showing their entrepreneurial skills by opening a beverage stall. There were many takers for the concoctions created by the students.

The Hospitality Club Team managed to get sponsorship to cover the entire event. One of the sponsors had put up a pizza stall.

The evening was fun- filled as the stage was open for DJ night.

Placement Opportunities at Taj hotels  

Date and Time:16th March 2022 10:30 am onward

Description of the Event: Placement opportunities  

Representatives from Taj Hotels visited FHMCT to brief students about the placement opportunities with the final year students. The seminar was scheduled for 16th March 10:30 am onward.

Mr Arulmani, Corporate Learning and Development Head along with his colleague Ms Ayushi was offered a warm welcome by the final year students. Mr Arulmani discussed several upcoming verticals launched by Taj Group of hotels and encouraged students to apply.

Students were excited to know the various options and had few queries pertaining to the same. The session was scheduled for 1.5 hours and Mr. Mani patiently answered all individual queries towards the end.

6th Annual Convocation – 2022

Date and Time: 14th March 2022

Description of the Event:

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences conducted its Sixth Convocation on Monday, 14th March 2022 at Gnangangothri Campus, New BEL Road, Bangalore. Degrees were conferred to Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Research Scholars. Prof. Kuldeep Kumar Raina, Vice Chancellor-RUAS welcomed the gathering, Prof, Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE was the chief guest of the function and delivered the Convocation Address. Dr. M. R. Jayaram, Chancellor of the University presided over the convocation ceremony, gave away the gold medal to Mr. Manjunath Babu and the silver medal to Mr. Nikhil Ranganath who were the toppers of batch 2017, FHMCT. Pro. Abby Mathew, Dean FHMCT conferred Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) degrees to 84 graduands. 

Manjunath Babu , Gold Medalist (BHM)
Mr. Nikhil Ranganath, Silver Medalist (BHM)
Group Photo Batch 2017

ITC Leadership Management Trainee Program

Date and Time:12th March 2022, 11 am

Description of the Event: Final Year students of FHMCT appeared for the campus placement organized by the ITC group of hotels. The students appeared for leadership management training program for all core departments.

Campus Job Interview

Date and Time:11th March 2022, 10 am

Description of the Event: 21 Final Year students of FHMCT appeared for the campus placement at hotel Four Seasons. The students appeared for various positions and all core departments including sales & marketing.

Guest Seminar

Date and Time: 9th March 2022, 10:30 – 5 pm

Description of the Event: The students of FHMCT participated in a workshop on the use of combi oven. Experts from the field demonstrated various uses of combi ovens in finishing various preparation. The knowledge of the students on the operation of the equipment and application of cooking technique for different product and cuisines was enhanced

The F&B Production department organised this work shop students specialising in Special Culinary Art and Food Media Studies and those pursuing BVoc program

Mithun Suvarna and Chef Sarvesh conducted the demonstrations. Mithun Suvarna is the Sales Director, Rational International India Pvt Ltd. He has 18 years of rich work experience in hospitality business, modern Retail to OEM. He is also specialized in new business development and major market expansion for companies.  After graduating from MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management and latter completing his Masters In Business Administration from T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal ,he had specialized in International Business and marketing .  Today he is successfully heading the company as a Sales Director for Rational India. The work shop was conducted in Lalith Ashok, pool side where the students were taught about the latest equipment, their uses and their advantages compared to tradition equipment

Housekeeping- Value added Session

Date and Time: 26th February 2022

Description of the Event:

The Housekeeping Department at FHMCT is conducting a value- added course for the final year BHM students specialising in Housekeeping Entrepreneurship. The Course is called Entrepreneurial Essentials. The session was conducted by Ms Kamala , Proprietor of Panchajanya group of companies, Bengaluru. She has years of experience of owning and running her own company. She gave insights into the’ Taking risks in a venture. All the important components of what all challenges and risks we may have to face while operating and starting a venture was discussed. Students also came up with related doubts and all of it was clarified by Ms Kamal. The session was conducted for four hours.

Housekeeping- Value added Session

Date and Time: 24th February 2022

Description of the Event:

The Housekeeping Department at FHMCT is conducting a value- added course for the final year BHM students specialising in Housekeeping Entrepreneurship. The Course is called

Entrepreneurial Essentials. The session was conducted by Ms Subhadra , Proprietor of Sai housekeeping Services, Mysuru. Ms Subhadra has years of experience as Executive Housekeeper in various hotels in India. And took up the responsibility of owning and running her own company. She gave insights into the’ Essentials of Opening a Housekeeping Company’. All the important components of opening a company was discussed. Students also came up with related doubts and all of it was clarified by Ms Subhadra. The session was conducted for four hours.

Intercollegiate Competition

Date and Time: 18th and 19th February 2022

Description of the Event:

The students of 2nd semester had taken part in the annual intercollegiate tourism and hospitality fest, Exodus, which had students from the travel, tourism and hospitality management institutions from across the country participating. Though virtually held, Exodus’22 managed to keep them all connected. The theme of Exodus’22 was aesthetic tribal culture and was organised by the post graduate students of department of tourism management, school of business and management, Bannerghatta. The events held were as follows- “Brainstorm” which was an individual competition assessing students’ critical thinking, problem solving; aims to identify traits of a good manager. Ms Padmini was quick on her feet throughout the competition and was determined enough to get till the finals. Mr Yousef and Mr Ayan took part in the “travel solutions” event, which was an elaborate event designed to create a platform to learn and benchmark contemporary travel and tourism practices showcasing of creativity and tourism principles as well as marketing. Another insightful event was “mastermind” which was a quiz based on travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Karan and Soumalya gave their best and performed well. The final event was planning spectrum which encouraged students to showcase their innovative and entrepreneurial skills by coming up with a tourism product that would benefit the tourism industry. Ms Chaitra and Ms Bhanumathi took part in planning spectrum and won third place for coming up with an app that enhances travel experience altogether by assisting travellers to collaborate, explore, blog, add reviews etc. and earn points for all of that.

Food Styling and Photography

Date and Time: 17 February 2022, 10:30 – 5 pm

Description of the Event: As part of the BHM/BVoc curriculum, culinary students of FHMCT planned and executed seven theme based food presentations, using creatively plated food and props. The themes were ‘Movies’, ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Forgotten Recipes’, ‘Historical Food’, ‘Go Green’ , ‘Vegan’ and ‘Picnic’. Students used their skills and creativity to design menus, the presentation and put everything together for very good culinary visuals. The event included photography, video-making and food writing in the form of an article about their respective themes.

Food Production – Value added Session

Date and Time: 11 February 2022, 10:30 – 2 pm at FHMCT

Description of the Event:

Food writing and Photography is all about making foods appetizing and interesting for different purpose such as advertising, editorial, cook books, portfolio etc. Food photography is a still photography at its core and food styling involves choosing backgrounds and settings for a shoot. That is, you pick (and place) the dishes, linen, unique surfaces, and utensils in order to photograph which can be used for different purposes.

The Food &Beverage Production department organised a workshop for  PCE – Special Culinary Art and Food Media Studies students and B Voc degree students

Profile of the Speaker –  Chef Mario

A passionate, driven, and smart working individual from the field of culinary arts.

His key skills include Menu Design and Planning, Recipe Development, Food Costing, New Product Development, Training, Kitchen Auditing, Business Development, Sales Generation, Digital Marketing, Graphic Menu Design, Logo Development, and allied services. 

 He is trained in Modern European and Indian cuisine and is familiar with classical French and Mediterranean cuisine.

Currently holds the role of R&D Chef at AltaVita Diet Solutions Pvt Ltd that is into the research and development of ready-to-cook food products for clients with specific dietary requirements, including weight loss, general nutritional needs, hypertension diets, hyperglycemic diets, and postnatal diets.

Guest Lecture

Date and Time:  1st February 2022; 11.30AM to 12.30PM

Description of the Event:  The Food and Beverage Service Department organised a session on Role of Industrial Exposure Training in Shaping the Professional Mindset of a Future Hotelier for the students of Batch 2020. The talk was delivered by Mr. Sumit Sinha.  An industry expert, with an experience of more than 28 years in the hospitality industry converting strategic vision into measurable results. He is the Former Director of Food & Beverage, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla.  Prior to that, he has worked with brands like Taj and DLF Golf Resorts. He has also worked on an overseas assignment as consultant, based out of Kuwait. He has completed his education from IHM Bangalore. 

He gave the students information on Food and Beverage Service operations in various organizations in India and overseas, the concept of budgets and average check. He advised the students on what they should observe and learn while they are training ‘on the job’. He also gave them information on the changes in staffing and operational procedures post pandemic. The students were advised on their roles and responsibilities during their training period and the impact of the training on their professional lives. The interactive session was extremely beneficial for the students.

Guest Lecture

Date and Time: 14.01.2022, 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm

Description of the Event:

A guest lecture was conducted for MBA & VIIth semester students, by  Mr. Mahesh Anandache ,Learning and Development Manager, on Friday,14th  2022, from 11:00 to 12:00pm.

The Topic of the guest lecture was Customer Relationship Management programmes and Marketing Strategies”. This session was organized by the Department of Management Studies

The topics which he covered in this guest lecture were:

  • How Four seasons Bangalore, has managed to store the guest information and use it to their advantage.
  • The use of Golden profile (the four seasons CRM Software)
  • Understanding the guest preference and where they spend most.
  • The number of repeat guests.
  • The market segment and target audience of Four seasons.
  • About Dell 5 Golden Customer care.
  • The sales and marketing approach before and after event.
  • Meet and greet with old and potential client.
  • Types of business Clientele.
  • The use of technology and marketing strategies to increase business.
  • The necessity of Social media presence.
  • The new strategies that were implemented after the pandemic eg: Belter Box
  • The New campaigns/ strategies and re-visiting the some of the old ones.
  • Software used by the hotel staffs for the purpose of billing(opera).

Mr. Mahesh discussed with the students more about what The Four Season actually stands for. It was very evident that the property and the management focuses more on connecting with their guests and creating more unique experience for them to remember and reminisce. And only a fantastic staff can come up with such innovative concepts and provide the best hospitable services to the guests. He made us realize how critical it is to look after hotel employees since it has an indirect impact on the kind of service they deliver. He claimed that they took full use of the pandemic as an opportunity for wonderful team building activities, getting to know the team better, and learning from the feedback and mentioned that it helped the team to work hand in hand and provide the best possible service to the guests.

Guest Lecture

Date and Time: 24th December 2021 02:30 pm to 03:40 pm

Description of the Event:

A guest lecture was conducted by FHMCT, for the students pursuing the course ‘Hospitality Revenue Management. Mr. Nipun Bhola, Cluster Manager – Revenue Management and Distribution,  Lemon Tree Hotels was the guest speaker. The topics which he covered in this guest lecture were

  • Importance of Revenue Management
  • Businesses approach with and without Revenue Management techniques
  • Revenue Management driving demand with different ingredients
  • Evaluation of competitive set in the market and action steps
  • Benchmarking our competitors
  • Forecasting and Demand calendar
  • RM strategy model of Lemon Tree
  • To closely monitor the demand and supply in the market
  • Converting unsatisfied customers to happy customers using service recovery
  • Electronic Distribution System
  • Electronic margins and commissions of different channels
  • RMD Tools

He also spoke about the importance of different tools and reports that revenue managers should check on a day-to-day basis to be in Par with the market. All the decisions taken with regards to the different pricing strategies and market promotions should align with market. He also emphasized about managers being pro-active and monitoring the performance of individual properties and taking decisions accordingly rather than following the competitive set or other influencing elements in the market

Demonstration and Tasting Session on Syrups

Date and Time: Friday, 10th December2021, 10AM to 4 PM  

Description of the Event:

In today’s world there are a wide range of new and upcoming trends such as healthy beverages, innovative cocktail trends , sustainability etc. While speaking about trends, a major ingredient that influences the taste of mixed beverages are “Syrups” and other flavouring agents. Mr. Chetan, of Tulleeho, who is an  alumnus of the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering  Technology , RUAS  educated the students of the 8th Semester who have opted for Bar and Beverage Management  about a syrup brand called “Mathieu Teisseire.”  It is one of the leading syrup brands which has over 40+ flavours to offer and is also a healthier alternative compared to other syrups in the market. They also introduced two new brands ; namely London Essence and Britvic soda.

They  also conducted a tasting and trial session to experience a wide range of flavorful syrups and soda waters. This was  followed by a mocktail competition using syrups and sodas provided by then. The first place was awarded to Mr Bhaskar R.  of Batch 2018 and Imon Sengupta of Batch 2019

Theme Lunch

Date and Time: Friday, 10th December2021, 12.45PM to 1.30PM

Description of the Event: As a part of the Food and Beverage Service activity for the 5th Semester, Batch A hosted a “Horror” themed lunch for the faculty of FHMCT. The menu included starters like Chicken Manchurian,Gobi Manchurian,as well as Bread and Guacamole. The main course included Black Chicken Burger,Black vegetable Burger,Spaghetti Napolitaine and Puttu with Kadala Curry. Pancakes and Cookie n cream were served as  dessert.   The beverages included Bloody Mary and Kiwi Squash

Few of the dishes that were  displayed were bananas placed vertically on a bed of crushed cookies resembling a graveyard, bourbon biscuits with cheese and strawberry crush resembling a band aid. The contrasting colors of every dish in the menu was a unique attraction of the restaurant.

The students decorated the restaurant with a couple of skeletons, horror faces all around and for an extra effect they  added dry carbon dioxide to enhance the aesthetics. The team was dressed in white and black outfits with blood stains all over. The dark colors and the scary songs created an astonished ambience in the restaurant. The eye-catching photo booth with various different lightings and masks created a hype around the guests. One team member dressed up as a ghost and was haunting all the guests was truly the most entertaining part. It was truly a great event arranged by the  team and the co-ordination with F&B Production team was really good.

WSET Programme

Date and Time:  7th to 9th December 2021, 9:30 am – 5 pm

Description of the Event:

FHMCT has collaborated with Tulleeho Wine and Spirits Academy to conduct the WSET (Level 2) Award in Spirits. Mr Madhu Rajigani gave the participants knowledge of fundamental production methods and principal raw materials used to make the key spirit styles.  The participants also explored the key practices and principles of serving spirits and the use of spirits in cocktail. They learned the impact of production methods on styles, characteristics of the principal international spirits and liqueurs and how to describe spirits using the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits. The participants also learnt about different kinds of fruit spirits, liqueurs, aromatised wines and classic cocktail recipes and overall operation of a bar in general.

They tasted spirits including different styles of whisky, brandies, pomace liqueur, rum, cognac, tequila, vodka and liqueurs like Grand Mariner and Campari. Finally they learnt about alcohol safety.A scholarship has been awarded by FHMCT to Imon Sengupta.  of Batch 2019. 

 Theme Lunch

Date and Time: Thursday, 9th December2021, 12.45PM to 1.30PM

Description of the Event: V Semester students (Batch D) organised a theme lunch “Local Bar”. The lights and the windows were covered with dark colored papers to create the ambience of a local bar. Then the bar counter was set up and  different varieties of alcohol were displayed. They also decorated the area with hanging empty bottles and lights around them. The tables and chairs were placed with paper tissues and cigarette packs. Local South Indian music was playing in the background.

The menu featured Indian cuisine.  The famous Ambur Biryani Rice was accompanied by Raita and  Fried Chicken Kebabs. The vegetarians were served  Kichadi, Chilyi and Potato Fritters with mint chutney and salad.

Snacks such as potato chips, masala peanuts were given to guests. Soda, Pepsi and sprite were made to look like alcohol and served to guests in transparent plastic cups. A live counter was set up with dishes served made of eggs like egg rice, omelette, which gave a very local touch .

The whole team worked brilliantly to make the theme lunch a success. It was overall a fun and an interesting experience for the organizing team as well as the guests.

Theme Lunch

Date and Time: Wednesday, 8th December2021, 12.45PM to 1.30PM

Description of the Event: A railway themed restaurant was designed by the 5th Semester students (C Batch ) The event was supervised by Mr. Sreekanth N who played a crucial role in both the decor and menu aspects of the restaurant.

The menu consisted of Maddur Vada with Mint Chutney, Tandoori roti with Egg Curry and Brinjal Curry, Chicken Biriyani with Raita, Carrot Halwa, Samosa and Masala Chai.
It was a great learning experience as students got to learn the various aspects of restaurant operations as well as the ability to plan an effective menu around the theme. They also understood how creating a good ambience and decor is also one of the crucial aspects of the operations as it is a good marketing tool and creates excitement amongst potential guests.

The whole event was a great success as many professors, staff members and the Dean graced the restaurant with their presence and the foot traffic was unexpected and made the event more successful. The stall decoration was also a talking point as it accentuated the railway theme more along with the railway station white noise in the background making the experience more realistic for the guests.

Theme lunch

Date and Time: Tuesday, 7th December2021, 12.45PM to 1.30PM

Description of the Event:

 It was an amalgamation of the cultures of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. The entire room was decorated with flowers like marigold, roses and white chrysanthemums. Marigold was used   near the entrance and also to decorate the “Mandapam”. The V Semester students of Batch B made the “Madapam” out of bamboo and adorned it with banana, mango leaves, and a variety of flowers like marigold and red roses. Inside the “Mandapam”, they placed a “deepam” in the shape of a peacock, very typical in Andhra Pradesh weddings. To make the ambience more interesting and brighter, they put yellow and green radium sheets on the bulb which added a very nice effect in the room. They played Bengali and Andhra wedding songs on loop.

Two long tables were arranged for guests to sit and have their meal. They arranged red table cloths with glittery silver decoration item to give a gorgeous wedding look. There were budvases on the table with a red rose in all of them. Since it is a union of Bengali and Andhra cultures, the color combination used was mainly red and yellow. The waiting staff  all dressed in either Bengali (Kurta and pajama) or Andhra ( Pancha Kattu ) style of traditional clothing.

Upon arrival, all    the guests were served Aam Panna as a Welcome Drink to refresh themselves. Guntur Chilli Chicken and Mochar Chop was served as Starters, Pulao with Mustard Hilsa curry and Veg Dum Biryani as the main course  and Rava Laddoo and Rasgulla as Dessert. The food was served in a traditional banana leaf (Oota Sadhya)

Cookery competition

Date and Time:23 October 2021, 9 am – 1 pm at FHMCT

Description of the Event: Every Year October 20th, is celebrated as International Chefs Day!

Since its creation by Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, International Chefs Day is meant to honor the profession and educate people about food and culture.  Worldwide chefs have been working on educating and creating awareness by the means of this day. To mark the occasion, the F&B Production department and the PCE- II Special Culinary Arts of FHMCT organized Chef’s competition on 23rd October 2021. Chef Kasiviswanathan, Director of Food and Beverage at Radisson Blu Atria Hotel in Bengaluru was the judge. The 7thsemester Professional Core Electives tudents planned and executed the event successfully

Below is the names of winners:

First Place – Mr. Karan and Ms. Padmini Batch 2021

Second Place – Mr. Abdul Rasheed and Mr. Asif B Voc Batch 2020

Third Place – Mr. Navaneeth and Mr. Om Sai Batch 2019

Wine certification

Date and Time:  20th – 22nd October 2021 , 9:30 am – 5 pm

Description of the Event: FHMCT has collaborated with Tulleeho Wine and Spirits Academy to conduct the WSET (Level 2) Award in Wines. Mr. Madhu Rajigani gave the participants knowledge of the principal and regionally important grape varieties of the world, the regions in which they are grown and the styles of wine they produce. The participants examined41 wines from different regions in the world. Through a combination of tasting and theory, the15participants who were industry professionals and wine lovers explored the factors that impact style and quality and learned how to describe these wines with confidence. A scholarship has been awarded by FHMCT to Bhaskar R.  of Batch 2018

Cycling Competition

Date and Time:10.10. 2021

Description of the Event:

FHMCT is very proud to announce that our Assistant Professor, Ms Vineeta Kumari has finished second in the ‘Individual time trail , organized by Promise sports and entertainment. Promise sports and entertainment has organized Individual time trail race (ITT) on 10th October for Bangalore road cyclist. She has participated in the women category and the distance covered during the race was 33.33km and she finished the race in under 1hr 4min.

Dussehra Festival

Date and Time:09.10. 2021

Description of the Event:

The students of Hospitality Club from FHMCT organised Dussehra Festival on the 9th October 2021. The students form various semesters performed dance, sang, performed mimicry, played drums and entertained the student community.

The students were all dressed in traditional attire. The event came to an end when music was played and the stage was thrown open to one and all to dance.

International Job Internship

Date and Time:5th October 2021

Description of the Event:

Representatives from Global Career Advisers visited FHMCT to brief students about the Job internship, Industrial Exposure Training and Specialisation Training.

The seminar was scheduled for 5th October 2021 2:30 pm onward in three batches.

The first session was addressed to 3rd Semester (BHM Batch 2020) about IET opportunities in USA followed by J1 Visa Job Internship for final year students (BHM Batch 2018- 22). The last session was for the Batch 2019 for specialisation training opportunities.

All the queries of students were addressed by the Representatives.

Inter- house quiz competition

Date and Time:04.10. 2021

Description of the Event:

The students of the Hospitality Club organised inter- house quiz competition on the 4th October. The preliminary rounds were conducted with about 12 teams and then the top 8 teams contested in the next round. The students made multiple rounds of questions that were quite challenging yet exciting.

The students got the exposure of conducting the preliminary rounds online through appropriate platforms and also conducted the final rounds offline in the Seminar room at FHMCT.

Inter- house Gaming Competition

Date and Time: 30th Sept to 1 st Oct 2021

Description of the Event :

FHMCT along with the Hospitality Club conducted an online gaming event in both PC

and mobile platforms. Both the games were live- streamed on TWITCH studio. The qualifying matches forVALORANT (a computer game) between the houses were as follows: Electra vs. Pandora, Hydra vs. Sirius, Electravs. Hydra and Pandora vs. Sirius. Electra was knocked out after losing both the matches. Due to errors from their side of players, the final match between Pandora and Sirius couldn’t be played. Finally Pandora (30 points) was ranked 1st followed by Sirius (10 points), Hydra (10 points), Electra (10 points).

The mobile game named “Call of Duty Mobile” was conducted on 1st October at 6pm. In total 8 teams of 4 players each played in the game. Electra ranked 1st place with 50 points followed by Sirius with 30 points, Hydra with 20points and Pandora with 10 points.

World Tourism Day 2021 Celebration

Date and Time: 27th September 2021 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm

Description of the Event: FHMCT in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Karnataka, organized the World Tourism day celebrations 2021, at the Seminar Hall, FHMCT on 27th of September 2021. The event started by a welcome address by Dean of FHMCT Prof. Abby Mathew. Following the welcome address, the event was presided over by our Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.Kuldeep Raina. The Key Note Speaker for the event was Mr. Mohamed Farouk, Director of India Tourism Bengaluru, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Highlighting points about “tourism for inclusive growth”, his speech was very insightful. The guest speakers of the day were Mr. Amish Desai, Chairman of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI , Karnataka Chapter), Director, Beleast Travel Pvt.Ltd and Ms.Seema Bhatt, Honorary Vice President of Responsible Tourism Society of India (RTSOI). While Mr.Deasi highlighted about employability skills, Ms. Bhatt spoke about responsible tourism. The event comprised of announcing the winners of the online competitions conducted through the dates of 20th September 2021 to 23rd September 2021.The event saw participation from various institutes across the country. The event was concluded by the wishes given by the registrar Dr. M Sai Baba.

The Name of Winners who were declared during the WTD :-

 Videography Winners’ Video on the “Flavors of Rural India” :-

  1. Anand Chendkapure and Raghuveer Bhadree – 
  2. Nikhil H.S –
  3. Manasi Dhavanam –

Quiz Competition: 

1st place  – Mr. Yugesh, MVJ College of Engineering

2nd place – Ms. Kavala Priyadarshini, IHM 

3rd place – Ms. Spoorthi DS, REVA University

Photography Competition:

1st place  – Mr. Yakshendra Singh Bhati, IHM
2nd place – Mr. Akhil P Suni, Naipunnya Institute of Technology & Management

3rd place – Ms. Suyash Sinha, IHM

Videography Competition:-

1st place  – Team:- Mr Raghuveer Bhadri, Mr. Anand Chendkapure, FHMCT, RUAS
2nd place – Team:- Mr. Nikhil HS, Mr. Vickyath, FHMCT, RUAS

3rd place – Team:- Ms. Manasi DA, Ms Sandhya A, Mr. Pola Shravan, FHMCT, RUAS

Case Study Competition:-

1st Place:- Team:- Ms. Monisha GR, Ms Yashaswini MB, Mr. Sampath N,
Mr Joseph Allen, MBA- FMC, RUAS

2nd Place:- Mr. Jaisuman K, Ms. Ranjini S Nadig, Ms. Gowri Dixit, SSc, RUAS

3rd Place:- Ms. Ancy Rose George, Ms. Safana P.P, SSc- RUAS

Webinar – Food & Beverage Service

Date and Time: 22.09.21, 10 am

Description of the Event:

The speaker, Ms. Saynee Basu, is the Director- Food and Beverage, at Taj Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. She is an alumna of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai, after which she did an MBA in Hospitality Management, General Management and Revenue Management at ESSEC Business School, Paris. She started her career in Food and Beverage Service in the Taj group of Hotels, has interned at Concorde Hotels & Resorts after which she has held various positions like Restaurant Manager and Banquet Manager at Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore. She gave the students an insight on the attributes of food and beverage personnel, competencies and skills required and how they can prepare ourselves to meet the requirements of the food and beverage industry. She emphasized on the right attitude, communication and commitment.

Food and Beverage Service Competition –  Naivedyam

Date and Time: Sunday, 12th September 2021

Description of the Event: Ganesh Chathurthi fascinates food and beverage professionals all over the world. In addition to the stories weaved around this exciting festival, an array of delicacies is offered as ‘Naivedyam’ to Lord Ganesha. The Food and Beverage Service Department organized an online competition to showcase the diversity in the spread served in each home. 32 students submitted posters and videos, which was judged by an esteemed jury which comprised of the following experts-

Mr. Sumit Sinha, Former Food and Beverage Director, Crowne Plaza, New Delhi, India

Mr. Sai Venkata Vijaykanth D., Bakery and Deli Department Manager, Walmart Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Ms. Divyashri, Connoisseur of Traditional South Indian Food, Bengaluru, India

The winners of the competition were –

Awards for the Best Videos –

First Place – ShreyasM., Batch 2019

Second Place- Harshitha M. S. , Batch 2018

Third Place -R. Bhaskar, Batch 2018and Chandan N.D. ,  Batch 2020

Best Poster Award-Ananya Shanbhogue, Batch 20201

 Certificate of Recognition (for creativity)  – Vrushank Arur,Batch 2020

By Harsitha MS
By Chandan N D
By Vrushank Arur

E- Poster Making Competition

Date and Time: 04.09 2021, 10am

Description of the Event:

An online e- poster making competition was conducted for all the batches of FHMCT. Since Ganesh Chathurthi was around the corner, the theme was just anything to do with the festival. Received many entries for the same, great enthusiasm was shown by the Freshers batch 2021. A panel of judges assessed the posters and e- certificates were sent to the winners

The winners were-

First Place- Jeril

Second Place- Paresh and Alka

Third Place- Josin

By Jeril
By Paresh

Bakery Workshop

Date and Time: 09.09 2021, 3 pm

Description of the Event:

An online bakery workshop was organized for BHM Batch 2018, 2019 and 2020. Chef Kris Barboza from Academy of Pastry Arts. This was an exclusive session organized for students of FHMCT. The chef provided some tips for general baking and demonstrated the preparation of Berry Vanilla. Students were quite enthusiastic and had a wonderful experience during the Live Demo session.

Orientation- BHM Batch 2021

Day 1:- August 23rd, 10am onward

Session with Dean

The Dean of FHMCT Prof. Abby Mathew welcomed the new batch of BHM 2021.A detailed overview about the M. S Ramaiah Group, RUAS and Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology was presented to the students and parents. He gave an outline about the curricular and extracurricular activities at the faculty and university. The session also included the various aspects of hospitality and the career options available to the students.

Dean welcoming and addressing BHM Batch 2021

Session with Associate Dean

The Associate Dean, Ms Neena Joshi, welcomed the students once again and presented details about the Academic Process, courses offered, credit system, assessment criteria, elective courses etc. The students were made aware about the rules and regulations of the University and Faculty.

Associate Dean addressing the Batch 2021

Day 2:- August 24th, 10am onwards

Session with Food and Beverage Production Team

The Head of Department – Food Production, Ms. Nagarekha, addressed the new batch and introduced her team. The students were quite motivated to meet the team. She provided details of the operations of Food and Beverage Production Department, various courses offered, Food and Beverage Production Labs and career opportunities ahead.

Session with Food and Beverage Service team

The Head of Department, Food and Beverage Service, Ms. Priya Arjun, welcomed the batch 2021.The faculty members of the department were introduced and details about the operations of Food and Beverage Service department, courses offered, core elective choices and career opportunities were presented to the students. Students were informed about the Training Restaurants, live cooking and serving experience, Theme Events etc. at FHMCT.

Alumni Interaction Session:-

Session with Alumni- Mr. Yash Maheshwari (2008- 2012) Branch Manager IDFC First Bank

Mr. Yash Maheshwari Branch Manager IDFC First Bank, was invited at FHMCT to interact with the new batch. The students were quite thrilled to meet him. Mr. Maheshwari shared his experience of being a student at M. S Ramaiah and motivated the student to pursue their dreams. He spoke about his four years of learning experience in college and discussed various career opportunities other than hotels available where the Hospitality Management students are in great demand.

Session with Alumni:- Mr. Rupankar Saha (2008-2012), Outlet Manager, Hyatt

Batch 2021 got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Rupankar Saha, Outlet Manager, Hyatt. Mr. Saha shared his professional experience. He mentioned that the right attitude and hard work in the hospitality sector is essential to be successful.

Session with Alumni- Ms. Tia Anasuya (2011- 2015), Sous Chef Nevermind Bar and Social

Ms. Tia Anasuya, Sous Chef Nevermind Bar and Social, inspired the new batch by speaking about various career opportunities in Food and Beverage Sector. She shared her rich international experience and shared her knowledge about the global growth of food and beverage sector.

Session with Alumni- Mr. Vishwesh (2011-2015), Food and Beverage Service Manager Ritz Carlton

Mr. Vishwesh, Food and Beverage Service Manager, Ritz Carlton, spoke about the growing Food and Beverage market in India and motivated students to make use of the four wonderful academic years at FHMCT to enhance their skills.

Session with Alumni- Chef Gurudath (2006-2010)Corporate Chef Popo Ventures Pvt Ltd

The students were excited to interact with Mr. Gurudath, Corporate Chef Popo Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Many students aspire to be chefs and had several queries regarding the career and growth opportunities. Mr. Gurudath answered all the queries regarding the career path and the growing market. He mentioned that hard work and technical knowledge is important in the field and inspired the students to have the right attitude from the beginning.

Session with Senior students –

Anirudh and Saloni from Batch 2020 interacted with the new batch and shared their experience so far as students of FHMCT. They spoke about the exposure they received during the last one year and praised the support offered by the faculty members. The new batch was quite excited to meet their seniors and had quite an interactive session with them regarding the extracurricular activities offered by the University and Faculty.

Day 3:- August 25th 10am onwards

Session with Front Office Department

Dr. Sweety Jamgade welcomed the new students and introduced her Front Office team. She spoke about the importance and operations of Front Office department. Various attributes of successful Front Office personnel were shared with students. She spoke about various courses offered and career opportunities in hotels.

Session with Management Department

Dr Sweety Jamgade, In- charge of Management department introduced her team and provided inputs on the managerial aspects in Hospitality industry. She gave an insight into the various Hospitality Managerial Courses offered and qualities of a good manager.

Session with Housekeeping Department

Ms. Sandhya Anilkumar, HOD- Housekeeping, introduced her team and spoke about the significance of Housekeeping Department. She shared her experience of the industry and provided information about the various courses offered. She spoke about the various career opportunities in housekeeping department and opportunities to be an entrepreneur.

Industry Interaction Sessions:-

Industry Interaction Session 1:- Ms. Sophia Jacob, Training and Quality Manager ( Intercontinental Hotel Group)

Ms. Sophia Jacob, Training and Quality Manager, IHG Hotel, joined us online to welcome the new batch. She spoke about the growth opportunities in the field and assured students about the bright career ahead. Ms. Jacob shared her rich international experience and answered various queries put across by the new students. She congratulated the students and wished them luck. The students look forward to have many more interactive sessions ahead.

Industry Interaction Session 2:- Ms. Namrata Ghosh, Training Manager, ( The Oberoi)

Ms. Namrata Ghosh, Training Manager, is associated with FHMCT since past 6 years and assists in providing quality training to the students. She shared a beautiful story where she emphasized on the need for hard work and perseverance as the key to successful career in Hospitality. She also shared few training videos to inspire the students to be great professionals. The students were quite excited and thanked her for interacting.

Industry Interaction Session 3:Chef Ashish Sanyal, Executive Chef,  (The Lalit Ashok Hotel)

Chef Ashish Sanyal, Executive Chef, Lalit Ashok, visited FHMCT to meet the new batch. Chef Sanyal carries a rich experience of almost 3 decades. The students were quite thrilled to meet the chef and asked various questions pertaining to joining cruise lines, becoming celebrity chefs, international career, starting own restaurant etc. Chef was delighted to see the level of enthusiasm and answered all their queries.

Day 4:- August 26th, 10am onward

Session about Hospitality Club and Extra Curricular Activities

Ms. Sandhya Anilkumar gave an introduction about the Hospitality Club and Extra co-curricular activities of FHMCT and RUAS. She spoke about the various competitions ( inter and intra), departmental activities, events etc. that are organized by the Hospitality Club. She gave an insight about the importance of participation in all these events. She also emphasized the role of co-curricular activities in personality development.

Introduction to NNRC, IEDRC and SWMEE

Students were made aware about the various Research Centers and were encouraged to participate in the research activities carried out at FHMCT / RUAS.

Dr. Sweety Jamgade sharing details about their research center IEDRC
Ms. Priya Arjun sharing details about their research center NNRC
Ms. Supriya Rao sharing details about their research center SWMEE

Session by Administrative Registrar

The Administrative Registrar, interacted with the BHM Batch 2021 and explained the various facilities provided to the students such as parking, lockers, hostel etc. He emphasized on the importance of Covid protocols to be maintained by the students. The students were informed about the strict anti-ragging policies of the University. The students were briefed about the ERP system followed at the university and how the same is used for student registration, fee payment, MS Teams and so on.

Session on Library Facility

Mr Ravi Chandra interacted with the new Batch and informed them about the Library facility available at FHMCT. He explained the various rules and procedure pertaining to issuing of books and other magazines, journals etc. The students were informed about the library timing and discipline to be maintained in the library.  Emphasis was given on E-Learning and the facilities available for the same.

Day 5:- 27th August, 10 am onwards

Open House

An Open House session was organised on the 5th day of the orientation program for Batch 2021 and each student was given an opportunity to talk about what they learnt during then past fortnigh and cleardoubts they had.

The Dean, Associate Dean, HODs and various coordinators interacted with the new batch and addressed their queries pertaining to Sports, Extra curricular activities, Industrial Exposure Training, Specialization Training, Placement, career growth etc.

The academic process followed at the university was explained in detail once again with emphasis on the role of Continuous Assement. The Time-Table was explained to the students, especially the batches for online and offline mode classes.

The students were quite enthusiastic and thanked all the faculty members and Dean for the Orientation Program. They were divided into small batches to show them the infrastructure and facilities available at FHMCT. On an average, 45 students joined the Orientation Sessions in person and around 20 students joined in online mode every day.

 Virtual Farewell for Batch 2017

Name of the Event:  Farewell Session

Date and Time: 04.08.2021;10am onwards

Description of the Event:

An online farewell was organized by Batch 2018 for Batch 2017. The event started with the welcome speech followed by a farewell video which made the day special for the seniors. Then there were some performances like dancing, rapping, singing and poem recitation by students of batches 2020,2019. Few games were organized , after which the winners were given tittles . Competition for few titles like Mr. best dressed, Mr. comic etc. were announced. All the titles were chosen by students. Few seniors gave a speech and shared few of their happy memories spent in the faculty during their college days .

Housekeeping Webinar Series on Housekeeping Redefined Post Pandemic

Housekeeping Webinar Series 1:-

Name of the event : Guest Webinar

Date and Time- 02.06.2021; 1:00 PM

Description of the Event:

A Guest Webinar was conducted by Mr. Anil Menon, Executive Housekeeper, Leela Hotel Bangalore on 02 June 2021, 1pm onwards. The Topic of the Webinar was “Housekeeping Budgeting, Hotel Pre- opening activities” as part of the first webinar from the Housekeeping Webinar Series with the theme Housekeeping Redefined Post Pandemic  organized by the Department of Hotel management -Housekeeping.

Speaker Profile:- He is a Hospitality Professional with over 25 years of experience. He is a pass out from IHM Trivandrum. Completed the Management Training Program from the OCLD, Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development. Joined as Asst. Manager Housekeeping at the Oberoi Hotel. Worked for a few years with the Oberoi group. Then worked with Taj group of hotels in India and overseas. Is an expert in pre- opening and has been
involved in opening many new properties. Has been wit the Leela group for many years now. Takes care of the
Front office operations too in the absence of the Front Office Manager.

Housekeeping Webinar Series 2:-

Name of the Event: Guest Webinar

Date and Time: 05.06.2021, 930 am onward

Description of the Event:

Housekeeping department at FHMCT organised a webinar on Housekeeping Redefined Post Pandemic. Ms Bharti Singh Kalappa-  was invited as a guest speaker to address the students of BHM II, IV and VI Semester students. The resource person Ms Singh heads Landside services at BIAL and carries a rich and varied experience of almost two decades. Ms Singh discussed about the career path in Hotel Housekeeping and related areas. The students had a chance to speak to the industry expert and learned about the various avenues of housekeeping sector. All the career related queries were answered by the resource person.

Speaker Profile:- Ms Bharti Singh comes with a rich experience of almost two decades. She worked in hotel Housekeeping for over 12 years in some of the most well-known hotel brands like ITC, Intercontinental hotel Group, Chancery Hotels. She is currently heading Landside Services at Bangalore International Airport and taking care of all
Housekeeping related services.

Housekeeping Webinar Series 3:-

Name of the Event:  Guest Webinar

Date and Time: 09.June.2021 , 3 pm onward

Description of the Event:

A Guest Webinar was conducted by Ms. Asha Premkumar, Ex General Manager Royal Orchid Hotel on Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 3 pm onward. The Topic of the Webinar was ‘Housekeeping Audits, Quality Checks, Housekeeping Post Pandemic ‘ as part of the third webinar from the Housekeeping Webinar Series with the theme Housekeeping Redefined Post Pandemic  organized by the Department of Hotel management -Housekeeping.

Speaker Profile: Ms Asha Premkumar is a Hospitality Professional with over 20 years of experience who works with a positive “never say die” attitude and believes that a constant learning process will catapult to the higher echelons of the corporate world.  After working with ITC group for over 2 years she joined Royal Orchid Group of hotels as Executive Housekeeper and then moved on to become General Manager Housekeeping for the group. At Present she works as a consultant, offering end to end solutions to upcoming hotels, customizing standard operating procedures of housekeeping to high end villas, conducting audits and offering training services to operational hotels.

Housekeeping Webinar Series 4:-

Name of the Event: Guest Webinar

Date and Time:12.06.2021 ,9:30am onward

Description of the Event:

The topic of the session was “Outsourcing –need, types, fixing of fees, benefits, vendor management”. She has given complete information and SOP followed while managing Outsourcing facilities in hotels. Session was very useful and also interactive. She interacted with the students in a webinar organized for BHM students Batch 2018 and 2017 housekeeping specialization 

Speaker Profile: Payal Joshi, More than sixteen years of work experience in Housekeeping, Front Office and Training with India’s leading hotel chains, namely, Hilton, Hyatt, Taj, ITC Welcom group, Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. and Fortune Park Hotels Ltd., by Welcomgroup. Currently working as, the Executive Housekeeper for the pre-opening twin hotels, Hilton & Hilton Garden Inn Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bangalore.

General Managers Talk Webinar Series on Global Response to the COVID19 Pandemic in Hotels

General Manager Talk Webinar Series 1:-

Name of the Event:   Guest Webinar

Date and Time: 05.06.2021 ; 11AM 

Description of the Event:

A Guest Webinar was conducted by Ms. Sita Lekshmi, GM, Ibis Kochi City Center on Saturday, 5th June 2021, 11 am onward. The Topic of the Webinar was ‘Global Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Hotels’ as part of the GM Talk Series organized by the Department of Front Office.

Speaker Profile: Ms. Sita Lekshmi is a hotelier with a demonstrated history of versatile work experiences in the industry. She is skilled in Food & Beverage, Front office, Sales & Marketing, Revenue analysis, Hotel Management, Business communication, Employee Engagement and above all creating positive customer experiences.

General Manager Talk Webinar Series 2:-

Name of the Event:   Guest Webinar

Date and Time: 12.06.2021; 12 PM  

Description of the Event:

A Guest Webinar was conducted by Mr. Dhiren Pereiraon Saturday, 12thJune 2021, 12 PM onward. The Webinar was conducted as part of the GM Talk Series organized by the Department of Front Office on “Global Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Hotels”. 120 Participants attended this webinar.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Dhiren Pereira possesses extensive experience in handling high end luxury leisure market – with current responsibility of the highly acclaimed – The Oberoi Beach Resort, Mauritius, a full service 5 star luxury resort in the idyllic island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, and with previous stints at The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah, UAE, The Oberoi Beach Resort, SahlHasheesh on the Red Sea in Egypt and Palazzo Versace – the world’s first fashion branded hotel on the Gold Coast, Australia.

General Manager Talk Webinar Series 3:-

Name of the Event: Guest Webinar

Date and Time: 19th June 2021, 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Description of the Event:

As part of the GM Talk Series organized by the department of Front Office, Mr. Narinder Singh, GM, Ibis London Heathrow interacted with the students of all years on the topic “Global Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Hotels”.

Speaker Profile:  

Alumni Speak Series:



The Dean of FHMCT Prof. Abby Mathew welcomed the new batch of BHM 2020.A detailed overview about the M. S Ramaiah Group, RUAS and Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology was presented to the students and parents. He gave an outline about the curricular and extracurricular activities at the faculty and university. The session also included the various aspects of hospitality and the career options available to the students.


Date and Time: 9th Feb 2021, 11 am to 1:00 pm

Description of the Event:

As part of the Communication Fest series, the Department of Front Office organized an Online Elocution Competition on the 9th Feb 2021. The event went on from 11 am to 1 pm. The competition was a close one with 16 students participating in the same. The judges, Ms. Tia Anasuya (Alumni-MSRCHM (Batch 2011-15) and Ms. Ashwini Dasgupta (Self-Image Enhancer and NLP Trainer) gave detailed feedback to each participant. The winners of the competition were:

1st Prize: Gouri Koushik

2nd Prize: John Zachariah

3rd Prize: Prajwal G P and Harshitha B



Description of the Event:

Mr. Subhash Nagaraju Hemavathi, Founder and CEO at Arya Ab, Uppsala and Intern-Key Accounts Manager-Assistant at Unilever Stockholm interacted with the final year students. He is an alumni of FHMCT, Batch 2006-2010. He spoke on Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Start- ups.

This seminar was organized as part of the curriculum of the course Hospitality Legal Environment and Entrepreneurship. He gave the students input on various trends of entrepreneurship in food and hospitality, his personal journey on start- ups, success and failures in food start- up. He also spoke about the important lessons learnt during his hospitality days.

Stand-Up Comedy Challenge

Date and Time. 26th November 2020, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Description of the Event: The department of Front Office organized a stand-up comedy challenge for the students of all BHM, MBA and BVoC programs. The challenge was judged by a celebrity stand-up comedian, Ms. Devanshi Shah. The event was conducted on zoom. The event had over a 100 people in the audience to cheer the contestants. It was a fun-filled event, with emphasis on communication skills.

The “Academy For Workplace Excellence” was formally inaugurated on 30th January 2020.

This academy is a collaboration between RUAS and Cleanfix AG, Switzerland ( pioneer and innovator in robotic cleaning machines, Filmop International SRL, Italy ( a dominant player in cleaning equipment and accessories who has presence in over 80 countries), Scheveran Laboratories Mysore ( pioneer in modern cleaning formulations approved by Rochester Midland Corporation, USA as  environmentally safe) AND SFB School, Ministry of skilled Labor, Govt. of Switzerland.

The purpose of establishing the Academy is to offer various programs in “Facility Management” and related fields.

External Resource Person to Garden City University

Ms Vineeta Kumari, Assistant Professor, Housekeeping from FHMCT was deputed to assess the practical exams conducted at Garden City University on 7th and 8th January 2020. The exams were conducted for the first year BHM students.

DJ Night

The students pursuing Bar and Beverage Management organised a DJ night with Neon Theme in the FHMCT Atrium on 16th November 2019.  By organising this event the students got exposure in planning an event, budgeting and resource management. The entire team was involved in conceptualising, planning, marketing and implementing the event.   250 students pursuing MSc in Hospitality Management, BHM and BVoC enjoyed the evening.  In addition to Bengaluru’s DJ Arjun, final year BHM students Nithin and Adithya Kashyap played music that all the participants enjoyed. Budding bartender Chethan captured the participants attention with his skills at flare- bar tending, while he dispensed some of the most refreshing mocktails.     Neon decorations completely transformed the atrium and lobby of FHMCT.   Most of the participants were dressed in Neon clothes .First semester students Neharika and Vamshi set up a face painting stall and drew designs on interested students’ faces using neon paints.

Rajyothsava Celebrations

FHMCT celebrated Rajyotsava on the 14th November, 2019. The students and Faculty were all dressed in ethnic attire. The students were very happy for having permitted to wear ethnic, as otherwise they would be in uniforms all through the year. They were seen clicking selfies with different groups of friends.

Best dressed students from BHM, BVoc and MBA were judged and prizes were distributed by the Dean and Academic Registrar.

Judging Cooking Competition

A cooking competition was organised at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore on 12th November 2019. As a part of annual cultural fest ‘Udbhav’ an event “Cooking Without Fire” the faculty member of FHMCT Chef Manish Kumar K judged the event.

‘S.P.A.R.C’ (Special Project for Associated Research and Collaboration)

A Faculty Development Program was organized by The Oberoi Hotels and Resorts as part of their initiative ‘S.P.A.R.C’ (Special Project for Associated Research and Collaboration) on 8th November, 2019. THE BRIDGE program has a two-pronged focus – firstly, it is meant for faculty members to learn and expand their practical knowledge beyond the academic curriculum. Secondly, it creates a healthy working relationship between the hotel industry and participating institutions that will further enhance the recruitment opportunities for students. The FDP was attended by Ms. Shirin Kariappa. The sessions were on:

  1. Pricing with Confidence – A Guide to Revenue Management
  2. Unlocking all Doors – The Golden Keys (Concierge Association-Les Clefs d’Or)
  3. Technology in the Domain of Guest Interface and Engagement

Eminent speakers from the industry ensured an interactive session through the day. The Hospitality extended to guests was warm and impeccable.

Akshaya Patra

Mr. Rajesh S. Mr Sreekanth N, Mr Shashi Sharma, Mr Sridhar Krishnan and Mr Shyam Prasad visited Akshaya Patra on 23rd October 2019 to observe the operations and facilities  in order to be able to plan menus for the midday meal programme. They interacted with the staff and observed the preparation and packing of midday meals.  They observed that  food was cooked in bulk using technology which ensures  the best hygiene standards and saves time and manpower. They  were also briefed on the cyclic menus that are currently planned  which include nutritious dishes made to cater to local tastes.  The food is packed in insulated vessels and vehicles.

International Chefs Day

The 20th October of every year is celebrated as the International Chefs day all over the world. This year at FHMCT the final year PCE II- Advanced Culinary Arts students conducted a culinary quiz and created the ambience of a pop up restaurant on 22nd October 2019. The occasion was graced by the chief guest Chef Ashish Kumar the Executive chef of Lalit Ashok Bangalore who inspired  the students by sharing his experience of a chef’s life and gave them tips in career growth. This was followed by a culinary quiz which was conducted in two levels for the 1st & 2nd year and the 3rd and 4th year students respectively. The B.Voc Culinary Operations Students were also part of the whole event.

Housekeeping Master Class by Taj Hotels

The IHCL (Taj Hotels) Hotels of Bengaluru had initiated a program on 21st, 22nd, 23rd October 2019, to showcase the best of trends in Housekeeping and had invited the talent from top Hotel Management colleges  to join their  3 day  program – “Housekeepers Master Class”.

 We nominated three  final Year students with a passion in Housekeeping to attend the program. Alex, Nidhi and Sabhya participated in the 3 day knowledge sharing journey.  Many relevant sessions were conducted over 3 days  to excite the “Hotelier” within them.

Chinese Theme Lunch

The students of the V Semester organised a Chinese theme lunch on 21st October 2019. Dragons, Pandas and Chinese lanterns gave the guests the perfect ambience while they ate Dimsums, Crispy Fried Lotus Root in Chilly Sauce, Crispy Prawn Roll and Veg Spring Rolls, Kung Pao Chicken with Steamed Rice, Dan Dan Noodles in Spicy Peanut Sauce and Steamed Chocolate Buns and Candied Apples

Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day of RUAS was organised on the 19th October 2019, which saw participation from teaching, non- teaching staff and students. The event started with a March Past, FHMCT had a good number of students participating for the same. The guest and members on the dais gave motivational talk to all present. Events began soon after. Everyone broke for lunch. Post lunch next set of events were conducted.

Jail Theme Lunch

The students of the V Semester organised a unique theme lunch showcasing food served in jails on 18th October 2019. The staff were dressed as convicts and policemen and women.   The restaurant was turned into a lock- up room. The buffet counters had the ambience of a jail. The students  enacted jail scenes and the fare included Chicken Kebab, Mirchi Vada , Bassaru, Mutton Saru , Ragi Mudde, Drumstick Sambhar Rice and Sabakki Payasam

Bengali Theme Lunch

The students of the V Semester organised a Bengali theme lunch on 16th October 2019.   The decor included diyas, earthen pots , rangoli ,  marigolds and an idol of  Goddess Durga.  The servers were dressed in traditional Bengali saris, dhotis,  kurtas and  kurta pyjamas.  The delicacies included Puchka, Ghugni ,Aloo Dom  ,Macher Jol , Shukto , Lucchi , Green Peas Pulao ,Bengali Style Chicken Biryani, Rossogolla and Kollar Bora.

Mexican Theme Lunch

The students of the V Semester organised a Mexican theme lunch on 15th October 2019.  A backdrop of colourful paper flowers gave the guests a feel of a Mexican fiesta. Somberos and Mexican guitarróns adorned the buffet counters.  A musician strumming Mexican songs on his guitar added to the beauty of the ambience. The servers’ traditional  Mexican outfits were accented with scarves, guns and muzzles. The spread included Tacos with Bean dip, Salsa and Guacamole, Christmas Eve Salad, Stuffed Eggs, Pollo al carbon, Mexican Rice, Chocolate orange mousse, and Mexican bread pudding.

Fresher’s Day

Date: 12.10.19

Description of the Event:

Fresher’s Day was organised by the second year students with the coordination of Hospitality Club members. It was a University driven event. Lighting the lamp by Dean and few students was the first program of the event. The students took over from there and few other events were organised like- Air crash, Minute to win it. It was followed by lunch.  Selection of Ms and Mr Fresher was conducted, the participants had to undergo many rounds of tasks to be able to prove their talents. And the winners were announced by around 4:30pm.

Saraswati Pooja

Date: 4th Oct 2019

Saraswati Pooja was conducted at the Library at FHMCT on account of celebrating the 9th day of Navratri with students and staff members whole-heartedly participating in the pooja.  Sweets were distributed among all students and staff members of FHMCT.

Seminar on “Dekho Apna Desh”

Date: 30th September 2019,  

IHM-Bangalore organized a Seminar titled “Dekho Apna Desh” on Monday 30/10/2019 at 2.00 P.M. @ “Shimsha” Hall @EDC of their Institute.  Ms.Rashmi Koppar was one of the keynote speaker for the seminar.  Dean, Prof Abby Mathew and Academic Registrar, Ms.Rashmi Koppar participated in the seminar.

27th September is celebrated as World Tourism Day  to cultivate and create awareness among the society globally on the significance of tourism, and it’s social, political, financial and also cultural worth and value. This year for the first time India was conferred with the privilege of hosting the World Tourism Day, with the theme being Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all.

The students of Travel and Tourism Management (TTM) organized “Travelopia” on the 27th of September to mark World Tourism Day. The event was in collaboration with the Karnataka Department of Tourism. The event comprised of a quiz competition (Catechize), two panel discussions (Gapfest) and poster making competition (Creatrix). Invite was sent across to various institutes to muster up participants for the competitions.

   The event commenced with the poster making competition and the preliminary round of the quiz being conducted simultaneously. The topic for the poster making competition was Tourism: A Million Opportunities to All. A total of 15 teams, which comprised of 4 members in each teams participated in this competition. The quiz mainly consisted of question pertaining to Travel and Tourism. There were about 18 teams which consisted of 2 members in each team. 4 teams qualified into the final round.

   Shri. C.T Ravi, the Minister of Tourism and Dr. M. R Jayaram , the Chancellor of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences were chief guests and they inaugurated the event. The Guests of Honour were- Shri. T.K Anil Kumar, IAS (Secretary to Government, Tourism Department), Shri. K. N Ramesh, IAS ( Director, Department of Tourism), Shri. Kumar Pushkar, IFS (Managing Director, KSTDC), Shri. Vijay Sharma, IFS (Managing Director, Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd), Shri. Dhyam Raju (President, KTS), Dr. Sivaguru Sritharan (Vice Chancellor, RUAS).

The topics for the panel discussions were “Roles of Skills Development in Employment Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism Industry” and “Challenges and Opportunities of Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Tourism Business”. The panel members were eminent members from the hospitality and tourism industry and their discussion proved to be very informative for all the budding aspirants of this industry.

The final quiz round was conducted by a renowned quiz-master Dr. N Someswara and this was aired on DD channel. The final round of the quiz contained questions related to Karnataka tourism. The event concluded with the certificates being handed over to the winning teams.  

We would like to express immense gratitude towards our Dean for giving us such a wonderful opportunity and entrusting us with the responsibility of planning the event.  We would also like to thank all each and every faculty member who strived hard for making Travelopia successful. Co-operation and coordination from the team members is a pre-requisite for ensuring that the event passes without any hitches. We also thank our fellow students from Culinary Arts, Bar and Beverage Management and Facility Management for supporting us.

External Examiner Duty at Christ University

Date: 24th September 2019

Mr. Raj Kumar Dey was deputed as an external examiner for the 1st sem students at Christ University

Teachers Day Celebration:

The students of FHMCT in conjugation with the hospitality club had organized a lot of fun activities for their teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, 5th September 2019. It started with the students baking a cake for the teachers as well as organizing a cultural show. The students also made the teachers compete for prizes in Treasure Hunt and in a game of Bingo.

Ganesha Habba and Onam Celebration at FHMCT

The students of FHMCT in conjugation with the hospitality club celebrated Onam and Ganesha Habba on the 13th of September 2019. The students joined hands to decorate the faculty. The day started with a Ganesha pooja performed by a priest and prashaad was served at the end of the pooja.

It was a day with fun filled activities like Kerala’s Panchavadhyam, Karnataka’s Tamte, Tug of War contest, and Dahi Handi contest.

Scrumptious Sadhya food was prepared by the students and was served to all the students and Faculty.

The day ended with Ganesh Visarjan. A pooja was performed and then Lord Ganesha was taken out of the Faculty in a procession to have it immersed in water symbolising the end of all evil.

Inter House Throw ball and Volleyball Match

The Hospitality Club initiated inter-house throw ball and volleyball matches for girls and boys respectively on 7th September 2019. There was a lot of excitement and spirit in the game as students from all the semesters participated in it. House Hydra won both the matches.

Inter House Kabbadi Match

The Students of 7th Semester Travel and Tourism course prepared a Travel and Tourism newsletter edition 1. The newsletter has tourism-related articles, interviews, pictures and much more.

The inter-house sports event was conducted at M.S.R Grounds on 30th of August 2018. Students of FHMCT organized a Kabbadi match. Team Pandora stood first in the first inter-house event.

The Runner up was Team Sirius and the second runner up was Team Hydra.

House Captains and Vice Captains Election

The Hospitality Club at FHMCT has formed different Houses through an election process on 23rd August 2019. And students have been divided into different houses. Captains and Vice Captains were elected. Various intra house competitions and events will be conducted for the student community at FHMCT. The Houses are called- Pandora, Sirius, Hydra, and Electra

Event: Induction Program for the 2019 Batch of Students at FHMCT

5th Aug 2019, Monday: Dean addressed the students of batch 2019. Then the Academic Registrar familiarized the students about the Academic Processes, Rules and Regulations, the Proctor System and the support departments. The department HODs introduced their departments to the students

Alumni Talk

6th Aug 2019, Tuesday:

The session started with a talk by two alumni namely Mr. Joyraj Koner, batch 2014 and Ms. Tia Anasuya, batch 2011. Senior students from all the batches interacted with the new batch. A representative of the Hospitality Club also introduced the club to the students.

Ice Breaking Session for First Semester

7th Aug 2019, Wednesday: The first semester course leaders introduced their courses to the batch. Later on a few fun activities were conducted for the new batch as an ice breaking session organized by the Front Office Department

Ice Breaking Session for First Semester

8th Aug 2019, Thursday: A guest lecture was conducted for the new batch and the resource person was Mr. Rohit Saraswathi. The topic was “Chase your Dreams”.  This was followed by ice breaking sessions for the new batch organized by the Front Office Department.

Visit to Orphanage

Date and Time: 13.04.19, 1.30 pm

 Description of the Event:

 As part of the activity undertaken towards Corporate Social Responsibility, the students and staff of FHMCT distributed school stationery that was contributed by them to the students of an orphanage in Mathikere, Bangalore.

Important Pictures:


Date and Time:  14th January 2019 to 11th April 2019 ; 10.30am to 1.30pm ; 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Description of the Event:.

As part of the curriculum the students of the VI Semester , who have opted for the  Professional Core Elective, Fast Food Management ,  were given hands on experience in running a fast food outlet ‘Foodfied’. A survey was conducted to analyse the needs of the customers on the campus, followed by menu planning , food trials, prelaunch marketing, operating the restaurant, menu engineering based on profitability and   popularity  and sales analysis.  The students gained exposure on planning ,  financial and operational aspects of running a Quick service Restaurant.

  • Swad Sadan – Food and Beverage Exhibition from 28th March 2019 to 3rd April 2019

The 8th Semester students from the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, who have opted for the processional core elective Restaurant Entrepreneurship have been given the opportunity to gain hands on experience in operating a restaurant. This entails the planning, budgeting, manpower rostering, marketing and successfully operating an outlet. 

The restaurant Swad Sadan was operational at the FHMCT premises from the 28th of March 2019 till the 3rd April 2019 offering cuisines like Maharashtrian, Avadhi, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Mangalorean.  

Field Visit

Date and Time: 19th -21st April , 10.30 am

The INDIAN FEDERATION OF CULINARY ASSOCIATIONS,  in association with Food Panda and Tag Taste invited  students of FHMCT to do a sensorial study of over 150 restaurants that will help the diners to understand various food outlets and choose what is correct for them. They visited the Sarovar Hotel Bangalore with regards to this.

The students were thrilled to taste over 80 dishes and provide their feedback on the same.

It was a good learning exposure for the students.