The Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Center (NNRC), a research center of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), envisions its role as an empowered knowledge center with commitment towards addressing issues of health, wellness and improved lifestyle of the population with food-based scientific approach. This research center has collaborations with government and private institutions and industries of General Medicine, Pharmacy, Ayurveda and Nutritional Food Catering.

NNRC is organizing a National Conference on Health Wellness through Nutrition and Nutraceuticals – 2019  with a  focus on integrating food based scientific practices as traditional and modern medicine, along with propagating the benefits of plant based extracts and innovations in food science and technology for a healthy lifestyle.

This highly anticipated National Conference from November 6 to 8, 2019   will bring together talks and panel discussions by experts  in the field of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals.  It will be an opportunity for students, research scholars, researchers,  academicians,  scientists, industry professionals and policy makers to  present posters, publish papers , exchange innovative ideas and  showcase new products  in the domain of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals