Qualification • MSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management , Madurai Kamaraj University, 2015
• Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology , Institute of Hotel Management , 1990
Awards ‘Award of  Excellence 2012’ on International Women’s Day  by Gokula Education Foundation (Health Sciences)Award  for  ‘Knowledge in  Wines  and Blind Tasting ‘  by Alpine Wineries
Experience • Head of the Department and Assoc Prof – Food and Beverage Service- Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, 204 to date
• Food and Beverage Service Lecturer , Ramaiah College of Hotel Management , 1999 to 2014
• Food and Beverage Service Department , Taj Residency, Bangalore , 1990 to 1993
Research  • Interest: Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Development of low cost food and beverage products using indigenous ingredients to improve the nutritional status of Indians
Smart Food
Prebiotics and Probiotics
Food and Beverage
Development of low cost beverages and substitutes for bar ingredients
• Expertise: Food and Beverage Service
Publications (Detailed list of Publications)   National Journal Papers:
• Nagarekha Palli, Priya Arjun, Santhana Krishnan, 2017, Gluten Free Choux Buns Using Cornmeal” in Journal of Management and Commerce, RUAS
Magazine Articles
• Nagarekha C Palli, Priya Arjun, Probiotics and Prebiotics – A Dynamic and essential Duo for Good Health – Reflections , Volume VIII, 2017
• “Hospitality Management – A catalyst to a bright future”. Article published in My Education Guide , Jan 2013, IV Edition
Presentations  Conference Presentation
Priya Arjun, Priyanka H, Marketing of Alcohol in Karnataka- Challenges and Opportunities, Regional Conference on Challenges and Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism Industry , 3rd May 2012
• Priya Arjun, Nagarekha Palli, Raghavendra T, Sreekanth N, 2018, Use of Probiotics in Value Added Jellies , Poster Presentation at IUFOST, in My Education Guide World Congress 2018
• Nagarekha Palli, Priya Arjun, Anvitha Arani, Boga Teja, Vinesh , Diva Kumar Reddy, 2018, Novel Spicy Adjunct For Traditional Foods Enriched with Drumstick Leaves (Moringa oleifera L ) , Poster Presentation at IUFOST World Congress 2018
• Sreekanth N, Nagarekha Palli, Priya Arjun, 2018, Gluten Free/ Low Gluten Bakery Products- Foods for Special Medical Purpose, Poster Presentation at IUFOST, World Congress 2018
• Shashi Binani, Dr. Basavaraj, Priya Arjun, 2018,Multifarious Benefits of Black Garlic in Health and Nutrition, Poster Presentation at IUFOST , World Congress 2018
• Invited Lectures:
Conferences (Invited)
• Prospects of Introducing Ayurveda based diet in the Mid-Day Meal Programme of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at ISKON, 16th May 2019
• Application of Silk for Food Products and Nutraceuticals . Industry – Institute Workshop , Central Silk Technological Research Institute ,18th March 2019
• The Challenges of Providing Healthy Foods in the Workplace , Arogyas Healthy Workplace Conference , 14th November 2018
Conferences (Organized):
• Food and Nutrition Forum for two consecutive years at the Organics and Millets -International Trade Fair 2018 and the Organics and Millets -International Trade Fair 2019 in association with Karnataka State Department of Agriculture , Government of Karnataka, Indian Dietetics Association, South India Chef’s Association and International Crops Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics .
• Smart Food Culinary Symposium for two consecutive years Chefs and Restaurant Entrepreneurs in 20th December 2018 and 7th December 2017 in association with Karnataka State Department of Agriculture , Government of Karnataka and International Crops Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics
• Workshop on Millet Products for Chefs and Nutritionists on 25th and 26th July 2017 in association with Karnataka State Department of Agriculture , Government of Karnataka
• Workshop on Introducing Smart Food into Industrial Catering Menus in association with Karnataka State Department of Agriculture , Government of Karnataka and International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Crops on 15th December 2018
• New Beginnings- A Workshop on Value Added Millet Products for Budding Entrepreneurs in association with Food Karnataka Ltd. Government of Karnataka on 21st August 2018
Teaching  Modules Taught
• Hospitality Operations Management – MBA in Hospitality Management
• Food and Beverage Service – Theory
• Food and Beverage Service – Practical
• Food and Beverage Management
• Hospitality Service Operation
• Restaurant Entrepreneurship
UG Thesis Advised:
• Development of Fruit Infused Craft Beer Using Millets
• Development of Sorghum bicolor (Jowar) Beer
• Acceptance and Introduction of Millet Dishes in Restaurant Menus in Bangalore
• Development of a Cost Effective Substitute for Angostura Bitters
• Development of a Crafted Aerated Beverage as a Substitute for Tonic
• Development of a Frozen Mixer for Cocktails
• Development of a Smart Notification Device for Staff in Hotels
• Development of Veggie Cuppa
• Enhancing Food and Beverage Operations in Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
• Evaluation of Impact of Introducing Menu Labelling On Pan Asian A la Carte Menu
PG Thesis Advised:
• Study of Business Strategy of ‘Online Liquor Delivery’
• Empirical Study of ‘Bar Stock Exchange Pricing’ at Pubs in Bangalore
• Compliance of FSSAI Guidelines by Juice Vendors in Mathikere
• Need for Quality Management Systems in Food Business Operators in Mathikere
• Feasibility Study of a Stand Alone Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Moodabidri , Mangalore
• Development of Cost Effective Convenience Products Using Tomatoes
• Effects of Inventory Management on Profit Maximisation at Le Arabia, Bangalore
• Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Profitability at Kebab Studio, GoldFinch Hotels  
Achievements • Received a Letter of Appreciation from Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, Agriculture Minister , GoK for organising the Food and Nutrition Forum at the Organics and Millets – 2018 International Trade Fair
• Received a Letter of Appreciation from Dr. V. Guruprasad , CE, Gokula Education Foundation , for organising lunch for UNIDO Conference and dinner for a special foreign delegation